Organic Vs. Unsulphered?

Posted by Ravinder (Canberra, Australia) on 04/28/2007

Hi I have been giving BSM to my teenage kids as they have premature greying. I have to mix it in the mixed juice to hide the taste. I found that Organic BSM tastes lot better than Unsulfered BSM. Can anyone tell me what is the difference?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Ravinder: Molasses depends on sugar cane aging, and extraction method. It comes from cane sugar, and the molasses are unsulphured, sulphured and boiling for blackstrap.

Sulfured molasses comes from green unriped sugar cane, and has sulfur fumes. Unsulphured molasses comes from ripe cane juice and is concentrated, and often best quality, in terms of minerals. Usually the first boiling has some sugar removed, but a second boil will have a darker color, perhaps the caramel is created. The third boil is the blackstrap molasses you are looking for and are the darkest ones which have more caramel. Therefore the best ones comes from the unsulfured ones as it is made from a matured sugar cane and is generally more rich in minerals than the green sulfured ones. In terms of tastes, the opposite may be true.

It must be emphasized that the main reason why blackstrap molasses is so helpful to the graying of the hair is that molasses has the highest amount of copper, then the second highest is the manganese. It also have some vitamin B pyridoxine. Therefore, foods high in copper and manganese is what you will be looking for. In Thailand, the tap water has high level of copper anyway, so taking just plenty of vitamin C will increase copper bioavailability as with taking vitamin C sodium ascorbate and blackstrap molasses. The same is true if you take cocoa, which is also high in copper. Manganese can also be found in soy milk. So in case you want a dark hair, blackstrap molasses, soy milk, vitamin C sodium ascorbate, magnesium, and some vitamin B complex are the things you will be looking for. I have seen a picture of one guy taking copper colloidal solution for a whole year and the color of his hair came back too. The same is also true if you take fulvic acid, which has a large spectrum of minerals also. Dogs don't get graying hairs, generally anyway, because their livers can produce vitamin C which helps with BOTH iron and copper bioavailability.

Therefore, unsulfured blackstrap molasses is the one that is technically the best in terms of mineral content for graying of hair. Ripe sugar cane tend to have more minerals as it matures and accumulate minerals.