Too Much Iron for Men?

Posted by Andrew (Brooklyn, NY)

I would like to know if the iron in the mollasses is to much for a man to take,as excess iron is no good. I think ive read that natural iron like in Mossasses is not harmful as You excrete what You do not use. Please comment.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Andrew: Men tend to die earlier than woman on the average because they tend to have too much iron in general since men do not menstruate. And if a woman no longer menstruate, the life expectancy of both man and woman is just about equal.

Because there is a generalization that men have too much iron, taking it might increase iron temporarily and yet rid of it if it is in the excess. The problem about this temporary issue is how long does it stay in your body. The longer it stays, the worse it becomes. While it stays in your blood it will be in the excess anyway. So obviously if you do not drink enough water or frequency of constipation, the body's ability to rid itself of iron is severely limited.

The question therefore depends on whether you drink enough water, have constipation, or take other nutrients that will help rid your body of iron easier.

If you are still not comfortable with this iron problem then taking some oral EDTA will at least help remove free radical heavy metals in your body. Taking plenty of antioxidants and if you do find out that you are indeed high in iron, then considering donating your blood. This is one way for men to menstruate like a woman to rid himself of excess iron.

If your blood is high of free radicals, get a glass slide and put a drop of blood on it and cover the glass slides. Allow it to dry for 1 day. If the blood is dried evenly and smooth then there is no problem. But if it is irregular with cracks of blood, then your body's free radical is too high and riding of excess metal might be the way to go.

In general, taking black strap mollasses, in moderation, not too much would be the best solution, under the conditions that :
'1. You don't have constipation
2. You will drink plenty of water
3. Your blood drop in the microscope slides appears normal.

If you don't want to do a blood drop, then monitor the slimy film in your mouth. That is one way to monitor your antioxidant. If it is sticky slime, and smells bad all the time, you should refrain taking sweets, iron rich foods, take plenty of zinc, and alkalize taking citric acid and baking soda at 1/4 teaspoon each plus 1/2 glass of water, twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

Consider oil pulling to remove excess heavy metals. Since certain people have issues with oil pulling in the beginning as bacteria dies and releases toxins, just add a little peppermint oil to the sunflower oil bottle you are using. Add enough peppermint oil to it until you feel it tastes confortably like a toothpaste.

So when toxins are released, the peppermint will neutralize these toxins. Methol content in peppermint are quite reactive against these toxins anyway so it will not cause negative body reactions.