How Much for an Infant?

Posted by Rhonda (Kalispell, MT) on 03/04/2007

Our grandson was premature and having constipation and digestive problems. It was recommended to give a small amount of blackstrap molasses in his bottle. It has made a noticeable difference along with a clear complexion. He is gaining very nice now since he likes the taste and drinks more with it in. I'm still a little concerned because of being a natural sweetener, and high in iron. Would like feedback or how much would you recommend for a 14 lb little boy?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Rhonda: If the conditions were worsening, usually the best rule of thumb is to halve the dose. Usually continous taking of any remedy is not helpful. It is best taken for about 4-5 day out of a week. Therefore the issue of iron and sweetener should be less of a problem since it is not taken continuously.