Question Regarding ACV with Baking Soda

Posted by Ann on 08/20/2007

Dear Ted, I am a confirmed morning tea-drinker. It warms me, wakes me, and gets my systems going. Besides all the anti-oxidant goodies in my Formosa Oolong, I just like the ritual of my tea. Yesterday I stumbled across an article on which told of all the dangers of fluoride in tea! I take Synthroid and Cytomel for mild hypothyroid issues and avoid fluoride toothpaste, filter my water, etc. to avoid flouride. I wonder if I am causing problems for my body by tea-drinking. Then I think of the 100's of millions of tea-drinkers over the past 1,000 or so years... Were they all suffering from the over-dosing of fluoride? Don't think so. What is your advice on this? A question regarding ACV with baking soda: I have avoided baking soda because, with excess sodium, I tend to retain water. Does the ACV completely counter that bad effect of the soda? Thank you again for all the good help you are giving. You are a glory to your Creator, Ted, using your talents so wisely and generously.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Ann:

Fluoride in tea is well known problem in tea, that's why I have to take a small pinch of borax in a water or tea to chelate out the fluoride. Boron chelates fluoride.

As to the issue of whether fluoride may bring about hypothyroidism, where fluorides completes against iodine causing iodine to be somewhat borderline, I would imagine that to be only part of the problem. There is a bigger picture of bromine bleached white flour and white bread, where bromine is well known to displace iodine and increase iodine excretion, setting off an iodine deficiency. Dietary bromine can be quite high from consumption of white bread, flour, pastries etc.

The other issue is the aluminum problem which is also high in teas. Therefore eating apples (that has malic acid) or taking apple cider vinegar with baking soda remedy will help the body chelate out the aluminum.

There are benefits of the tea and there are problems of the tea that needs to be dealt with since tea has tannins which are antibacteria, reduces blood pressure to some extent, tightness of the chest, increase fat excretion, and might reduce some excess iron, which accumulates in the heart, to cause heart problem as free metal iron tends to create free radicals (Fenton Reaction) and degenerates the heart tissues. However, my being an old fashioned former chemist, I just take a B.P. or U.S.P. grade tannic acid at 1/8 teaspoon in one liter of drinking water taken not too often.

The dose is actually below the minimum inhibtory concentration against microorganism and thus won't harm healthy cells as well. I take it to reduce the excess free metal iron buildup as well as mercury, cadmium and mercury. Men do have difficulty in reducing iron, which results in heart problem, while woman who can menstruate, do not accumulate free radical iron as easily. However vitamin C can also help the body utilize the iron more effectively but not necessarily as effective in reducing the iron buildup.

Most filter devices do not effectively reduce fluoride and this is why I have to add a tiny pinch borax and eat apple often to reduce fluoride and aluminum problems.

In case if you want to know how much contaminated of free metals there are, you can try this experiment: put one teaspoon of tannic acid in any water you want to test. Leave it overnight.

There is a good chance your water will become black while a reverse osmosis water will get you a gray color. There is a place in United States where the river waters are black, but drinking is safe due to tannic acid reacting with free metals, causing a black color.

In my opinion, fluoride problems from the tea is not a major problem to thyroidism. It is the problem of the bromine process used in processing white bread and white flour, which is actually a recent phenomenon that was changed about 40 something years ago. The original process was a bromine process. So people who consumes too much white bread and uses white flour may end up getting their body heavily excreted of iodine as bromine displaces iodine. I take green tea myself and aware of some of the pitfalls. However, I take the necessary precautions, while avoiding white bread and white flour use, as well as taking some kelp, seaweed or even using iodine as a mouthwash to prevent the problems of iodine deficiency. Ted.

P.S. Most people who cannot find borax generally usually used the 20 mule team. Soda generally won't cause water retention. It is the oily foods and late night dinner.

To loose weight avoid eating dinner. We seem to eat excess calories. This is the part that seems to cause weight gain and weigh loss most readily. Higher portions about 80% protein mostly from good fish source helps a lot. It is the protein and amino acids supplements that burns the fat. Seaweed or kelp is considered a food. Tannic acid are usually sold through a chemist.

1/4 teaspoon of sea salt or more added in 1 liter of water may reduce the IBS, however in some cases I have seen taking magnesium supplements can kill certain bacteria that leads to IBS. Sometimes eating fruits can lead to IBS because of the sugar.