Question to Remove Buildup of Fluoride From Body

Posted by Linda (Pretoria, South Africa) on 01/25/2007

Question for Ted: Dear Ted, thank you so much for all the information and help that you are providing. I have had wonderful results with a lot of your remedies and find your explanations very informative. I would like to know how to remove a buildup of fluoride from my body. My father used to work in a laboratory when I was young and he made me and my sister swallow liquid fluoride every night to strengthen our teeth. Fluoride is also added to our water in South Africa. Will it help me to add a pinch of borax to my drinking water? As far as I could understand, this will only remove the fluoride in the water, but will it also remove a possible buildup in my body? My dentist also noticed that I have fluoride stains on my teeth, so I can only guess that there must be some buildup in my body. Also the pharmacist told me that borax is poisonous. Did he maybe confuse it with borasic acid? I highly appreciate all the wonderful work that you do.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Linda: The toxicity for fluoride is far deadlier than borax. For example a simple Sodium Fluoride, LD50 (which means 50% probability of death at a certain dose) oral mice is about 44 mg/kg., while for borax oral mouse, this is about 3000 mg/kg. Arsenic for example, is about 14 mg/kg (Oral rat). So you can see that the toxicity of both arsenic and fluoride are in fact quite close. It is this information why both arsenic and fluoride are used to kill rats and pesticides.

Now if we compare borax with a simple table salt, the LD50 is about 3000 mg/kg. The toxicity of borax is quite close to the toxicity of salt. Boric acid is considered more toxic primarily because it is acid and that the boron content is high. Certain misinformation is possible by the authorities, but if you understand that acidity of the substances and higher elemental content being higher as the cause of toxicity, this information is difficult to hide. The only known case of poisoning from boron is only boric acid in only babies from accidental ingestion. A small pinch of boron can therefore be added to drinking water to remove fluoride. I sometimes used borax mouthwash, to help reduce fungus and bacteria in the mouth also. A small quantity of borax chelates of fluoride and can be soothing and helps normalize sleeping patterns. I once had sleeping problems and with small borax use, fluorides were removed that was accumulated in the pineal gland, allowing the pineal gland to function normally creating melatonin, which controls sleep. However I later found that some colorless iodine painting and some boron doses are synergistic. This is just an observation, but there is some evidence that iodine helps restore many glandular functions and not just the thyroid. Who knows, it may also help restore pineal glands and based on my own observation seems to indicate that, on getting a good sleep at least.