How to Clear Water of Fluoride?

Dear Ted, Please i would like to know how to clean the water from fluride if i can't afford to buy an osmosis machine? Boiling the water would help clean it from fluride? Does all teas contain fluride or only green and black tea? Is there anyway i can drink green tea without being affected from fluride? Does mint tea also have fluride? I hope you can answer me. Thank you for your help. regards

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A fluoride can be remove by adding a small pinch or 1/16 teaspoon of borax per liter of water. It will at least chelate out some fluoride from the body too. If i need to remove fluoride from my body I need much more borax than this, such as 1/8 teaspoon of borax per liter of drinking water for a day a week for example, or adding a tiny amount every day.

Boiling water will not remove fluoride, but it also adds more heavy metals depending on what kind of metal ware is used for coking. The more the water boils out, the greater the concentration of fluoride and heavy metals. This is much worse, in terms of aluminum if aluminum cookware was used. Of interested, you can see metals by projecting a laser pointer on the boiled water.

Tea is naturally high in fluoride so adding some borax will negate this effect.

Replied by Chris
Boulder, Co

I am curious if I want to take boron supplements instead of borax via detergent, what the dosage change is?
I want to take these supplements to remove fluoride from my body, and to negate effects of drinking non defluoridated water

so how many pills of boron do i have to take?
it works the same as borax salts right?
Can i de fluoridate water with these too?
thanks so much, i am trying to decalcify my pineal gland for one thing.