Question About Tamarind for Detoxing Fluoride

Posted by Yalcin (The Hague, Netherlands) on 03/16/2009

Dear Ted,

Thank you for all the information regarding fluoride detx.

I was wondering how do the scientists know that tamarind lowers the body burden of fluoride. Tamarind itself has fluor, so maybe the excretion of fluoride is simply the fluoride from the tamarind itself.

I ate 6 tamarinds yesterday. A few hours later my mind became very foggy. I had very vivid dreams yesterday.

I would like to continue eating tamarinds, but only if I am sure that more fluoride is excreted than I am ingesting from
eating the tamarinds.

Thank in advance.



Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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There are studies that show increase fluoride from eating tamarind, could in fact be that tamarind has high fluoride is a possibility. Hence, it's quite possible that this might happen also.

However, there is another study that uses tamarind seeds to remove or defluoridate water used as a bioabsorbent. This one seems to prove at the very least that tamarind seeds, not tamarind itself that is a more powerful fluoride remover. I do eat tamarind seeds - they don't taste so good, and leave a dry tongue feeling, and some after taste, but this is at least one possibility that tamarind seeds remove fluoride. Hence, tamarind without the seed may have a slight properties of fluoride removal, but it's difficult to deny the fact that researchers never try to prove whether fluoride came from tamarind or from the accumulation.

Because of these technical questions surrounding tamarind issue is why I used borax instead. In any event, a crushed and cleaned tamarind seeds can be added to defluoridate water and I may take them internally from time to time, but is difficult to eat tamarind seeds.

It is implied at least in one research that tamarind seems to be protective in an experimental group (eating the tamarind seeds) against those of the control groups (that did not eat tamarind seeds) on spontaneous disease and aging. The spontaneous aging issue is a very intersting one since they mentioned, "spontaneous diseases with aging, such as myocardial change, nephropathy, mammary tumor (in female), pituitary tumor etc., were seen. These diseases played important role as the cause of death of the dead rats."

More details of that research is needed, but I don't have the details. At least for me eating just one seed seed is pretty difficult to eat anyway, as it doesn't taste all that great. As to the issue of brain fog and vivid dreams, this is one of the immediate effect of chelation. When fluoride gets remove from the tissues and pineal gland and goes into the blood stream, the first effect is a brain fog. Then thereafter, an improvement in sleep and memory functions are indicated with a vivid dream. Thereafter on the second day, better sleep patterns should be noted. This is one way I see it as removing fluoride, although tamarind fluoride is present, it might also acquire more fluoride removal as it is eaten, although no research have done so directly. And hence the argument of tamarind removal fluoride has some room for doubt, but not for tamarind seeds.