Restless Leg Syndrome

Posted by woman (CA) on 03/12/2008

I've followed Ted's remedy regarding fluoride poisoning.' I noticed that the neck and back pain only disappeared when I used the Tamarind powder with the Borax. I've been leaching with the borax for at least 30 weeks now. The symptom that seems to be resistant is the restless leg syndrome that appeared after my last stilt with anti-depressants chalked full of fluoride. My question is will the restless leg ever disappear? I take calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, iodine and b-complex. From researching it is recommended to take iron but I have cancer and can not. The pulsing in my leg keep me awake at night and depress my activities 70%. It's not just pulsing but it is the weakness that goes with the pulsing. Does anyone recover from fluoride poisoning completely?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Although borax and tamarind helps in reducing fluoride, but not completely. The restless leg syndrome has other causes besides the fluoride to consider. Calcium is often touted as reducing fluoride, through the digestive system, but once it is inside, it combines with fluoride and accumulates in the pineal gland as a fluoride and calcium. Therefore calcium is not going to help, but sodium citrates, magnesium and potassium citrates will in reducing blood fluoride but the problem here appears the acid blood will leech the calcium again, if the body is not sufficiently alkaline, causing calcium fluoride accumulation. And hence baking soda 1/2 teaspoon taken twice a day is what was missing from the equation. There was one boy in Australia that had a restless leg syndrome that was cured in several months, but the cause is not mainly due to fluoride poisoning, although fluoride did play the part. The remedy at the time, which completely stopped the restless leg syndrome were alkalizing, lemon and baking soda remedy, magnesium, and sodium thiosulfate, which is a dechlorinator, but most importantly is the chelation that is the single most important remedy for me. Hence the METAL chelation that I concentrated on at the time was the use of coriander (chinese parsley), spirulina and chlorella. The second most important was the alkalization and the third most important remedy was the sodium thiosulfate which reduces excessive calcium and some granulated lecithin. The restless leg syndrome is a weak form of epileptic seizures, even before the petite mal and it appears as thus. As to the remedy, of lemon and baking soda, it is 2 tablespoons of lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, in 1/2 glass of water taken before sleep. Metal needs to further be removed with granulated lecithin which is fat soluble and helps remove more free metals, but at the same time helpful in rebuilding of myelin sheaths, but vitamin C sodium ascorbate is synergistic. Most psychoactive drugs, anti-depressants, in my personal opinion can nearly be completey substitute with something as simple as sodium thiosulfates, which is found in hot water springs, but is used as an antidote for many forms of poisoning but its major use is found as a dechlorinator, and to help sleep, if one crystals is dissolved in a glass of water each night. It is also use, at least by me, to calm ADD/ADHD children, reduce restless legs, epileptic siezures cause by excess heavy metals from excess use of antibiotics, and contaminants in our food too. Its effect are fast in calming. However, people will initially experience a laxative effect, which is only once, before the body normalizes it because sodium thiosulfate is also a metal chelator, as well as removes or detoxifies oxidative chemicals in the body. So chemically it is interesting because I also used this in kidney problems and other things. When this is added to drinking water, it is a 10% sodium thiosulfate added in drops, of 5-15 drops per glass or 1/2 glass of water. Or they can also be added in the same amount from 20 drops to 60 drops of 10% sodium thiosulfate in a one liter drinking water. I never agree that any that a restless leg syndrome has a single cause, but what I can say is' free heavy metals, neurodegeneration from toxins (e.g. aspartame, kerosine, insecticide, arsenic), excess calcium, fluoride and chlorine are among the cause i found. So I would prefer to treat other causes rather than just focus one single cause, although fluoride is an important factor if excessive use was done, but what is not mentioned is psychoactive drugs also causes neurodegeneration too. Therefore a significant improvement is seen at least on my end after the use of alkalization, magnesium, heavy metal chelation, reduction of oxidative chemicals (from sodium thiosulfate) has always been the use of two smart drugs, which are hydergine and nootropil (natural form is pyroglutamate), taken together once a day, for only 4 or 5 days out of a week. The body simply needs a 2-3 day rest period out of a week, or the use taking them every other day can do a more cost effective job can be done too. One other detoxification issue I tried with the restless leg that has some results is the L-glutathione in case I happened to have an extra budget to buy some more to help detoxify the free radical metals.

Most metals come from iron cookware, metal cookware, especially aluminum, which in presence of fluoride causes aluminum to penetrate through the blood brain barrier, causing the restless leg syndrome too. If excess aluminum use is indicate from bakery products, soda cans use, aluminum foil use, aluminum tea pots, then a baking soda with ACV or malic acid, or apple is needed to be eaten or taken twice or three times a day. Malic acid reduces aluminum buildup by chelating out the aluminum. Other metals that tend to lodge in the brain is also possible such as mercury and zinc, which causes electrical shortage as most free metals are. As for the free metal zinc detoxification, the common remedy I used is always the L-Carnosine. 500 mg taken once to three times a day and I also used this to treat other conditions too, not just the restless leg syndrome.

I hope this helps and I would much prefer to try other supplements that might also be from other causes because fluoride alone won't cause a lot of damage when COMPARED with multiple causes synergistically with other free heavy metals for example. An investigation of any major accidents, you will noticed that many small mishaps, carelessness, shortsightedness are combined to cause such kinds of major accident. A small careless would not, but when combined with many things, it can cause a greater damage to many people, much like the S.S. Titanic (ships were going too fast, the metal hull has defect, the design of the ship's containment was short sightedness, not enough lifeboat, the emergency telegraphic system was NOT 24 hours, etc.)

Replied by William Bsc,cn
Chaiyaphum, Thailand

We all have received well-meaning advice to take this or that mineral for various reasons. I was recently advised by a fellow practitioner to add Hair Analysis to my practice. After reading a detailed report about it's importance, I will never take a mineral supplement again without knowing the levels and ratios of essential minerals in my body, nor will I freely advise a patient to just take some of this or that mineral, without the precise knowledge of an Analysis. To learn details for yourself, and to find a practitioner near you, go to I am not advertising, I am sharing my professional conclusion.

Replied by Robert

I'm assuming this forum is provided to assist those who do not or have little access to extensive lab tests, alternative practitioners, etc., & basically provides simple available 'home' remedies for quick relief. It has become more complex than home remedies, however, which is also helpful & informative. Regarding testing for minerals & not 'randomly' taking supplements, I would at least take the minimum recommended daily requirements, although preferring natural bioavailable sources. Too much of anything is toxic, however, personal research is required. I do not know of any grower of either organic or non-organic produce, for example, who test for nutrients. It is assumed they exist in 'proper' amounts. IMHO, a good source of hair analysis info is Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD:

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Robert, every person on this forum who gives help or is searching for help comes from various degrees of accessibility to alternative medicine or standard medicine. Many of us here (myself included) rejoice in the "freedom" and "empowerment" of health and healing as a choice to find our own path and not rely completely on conventional medicine protocols for our solutions. Sure, we may come to this forum for quick relief of a cough or cold or the likes but many come here to find methods of staying away from synthetic medications like high blood pressure, diabetes, migraines, etc.... You get my point. :)

No practitioner of any kind or test of any sort guided me toward getting off asthma medication. I had to use the wonderful information given to me by the likes of Ted from Bangkok, Bill Munro (rest his soul) and Mama To Many to find my way.

After using Bill Munro's hydrogen peroxide method to help ween me from Advair, taking 8 mg of astaxanthan daily (thank you Dr. Mercola) taking 1 tsp of food grade diatomaceous earth in water daily, spraying magnesium oil on my skin daily to increase uptake of Mg (thank you Dr. Carolyn Dean) and adding great foods like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and bit of black strap molasses here and there (thank you earth clinic) - I feel like a darn race horse. Of course I exercise and get great organic foods into my body.

This getting healthy business is not for the faint of heart and often times, it takes many different resources to figure it out in the contaminated world we live in. Did you notice how inexpensive the solutions to my asthma problem are?

I am blessed to have great health insurance and accessibility to great medical minds - but I choose my own path with the help of earth clinic. This site is my support system and validation for the way I choose to approach my health and wellness.

MyWay :D