Options for Removing Fluoride?

Posted by Daniella on 02/07/2008

Dear Ted, Please i would like to know how to clean the water from fluride if i can't afford to buy an osmosis machine? Boiling the water would help clean it from fluride? Does all teas contain fluride or only green and black tea? Is there anyway i can drink green tea without being affected from fluride? Does mint tea also have fluride? I hope you can answer me. Thank you for your help. regards Daniella.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A fluoride can be remove by adding a small pinch or 1/16 teaspoon of borax per liter of water. It will at least chelate out some fluoride from the body too. If i need to remove fluoride from my body I need much more borax than this, such as 1/8 teaspoon of borax per liter of drinking water for a day a week for example, or adding a tiny amount every day.

Boiling water will not remove fluoride, but it also adds more heavy metals depending on what kind of metal ware is used for coking. The more the water boils out, the greater the concentration of fluoride and heavy metals. This is much worse, in terms of aluminum if aluminum cookware was used. Of interested, you can see metals by projecting a laser pointer on the boiled water.

Tea is naturally high in fluoride so adding some borax will negate this effect.

Replied by Timothy
Nevada City, CA USA

Reverse Osmosis is not the only type of filter to remove fluoride, nor is it the best. It wastes huge amounts of water, and leaves the contaminants in the discarded water. R/O also strips everything out of the water, including trace elements that the body needs. .... Activated alumina is a better way to filter out fluoride. If you have enough filter material it virtually eliminates fluoride...... No, activated alumina is not aluminum. Aluminum is a more highly processed material made from activated alumina. One of the things added to make aluminum is fluoride! A search for fluoride water filters will show you the options.

Replied by Eli
Richmond, Va

Hi, I am trying to find ways to remove fluoride from the water. I did get an activated alumina (fluoride removal filter), but then I saw some reviewers of the same filter that said they had the water tested for fluoride and it did NOT remove it. My question is about adding the borax to the water and how do you know it effectively removes the fluoride from the water? Have you tested this method? And is it safe for me to tiny amounts and have my toddler drink this water? I really don't want him ingesting fluoride. Thanks

Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada

If you don't find any good filter, then you can use my recipe to remove flouride from your body. It is tamarind juice. This is good for elders, may be for toddler you can give 1 tsp or 2 tsp. This recipe is to remove accumulated flouride in your body.


note: in this recipe, I am no more using demerara sugar as demerara sugar is still partially refined sugar. I use pure jaggery, which is natural and rich in minerals.

Drinking of too much black tea will also accumulate flouride in your body.

The tamarind juice initially you can take for 2 weeks daily and there after once in a week for general health. Tamarind juice also has the ability to dissolve oxalate crystals in the kidney.

Hope this helps