Removing Fluoride and Chlorine From Bath?

Posted by Sabrina (Summerfield, FL) on 02/21/2007

hello,i have a very important question. i have hypothyroidism and i want to remove the flouride out of my bath water because i have city water. can i add borax to my bath water or boric acid? im not sure which one i could use and if it would remove the flouride. also is there anything i can do to remove the chlorine from the bath tub water? and as far as using my shower, will a shower filter remove most of the chlorine? please help in this situation. thank you so much!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Sabrina: The research study that I remembered conducted using borax for fluoride removal or at least chelate the fluoride out or reduce the fluoride toxicity.

To remove chorine is very simple for the bathtub. Go to a aquarium shops, they will have a bottle of dechlorinator. The dechlorinator that I used is sodium thiosulfate 10% in water.

Most dechlorinator should at least mention the active ingredients. This will prevent the manufacturers from putting harmful substances in their product. Of course the manufacturers do not like this as it lowers their profit margin if the buyer knows the exact ingredients possibly giving the consumer a chance to make their own solution.

On the other hand you can get a better prices from a swimming pool supplier. It is usually ideal for you to get most of the supplies you need and they might also have sodium thiosulfate to remove chlorine from the water at a much better price.

Should you be able to contact the swimming pool suppliers ask them for chlorine and fluorine removal, as well as other supplies that can remove other unwanted polluted city waters from your shower and water filter.