Tap Water: Making It Safe

Posted by J on 12/24/2007

Hi Ted, I am writing from NYC and I wanted to know if there is any safe way to drink tap water at home. Obviously drinking it straight is terrible for you. Is there anything that should be added to the tap water to make it safe on a daily basis. If not do you suggest a certain type of water system and if so should there be anything added to it in order to make the water system safe to drink on a daily basis?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The biggest problem I encountered came from high heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, copper, zinc that seems to leeched from old pipes. The second problem is the chlorination and fluoridation. Hence, heavy metals, chlorination and fluoridation should be removed. Removing chlorine is easy, I can't say much for fluoride, but heavy metals are reduce mostly (sometimes not acceptable) from using R.O. water, apparently a bad R.O. water can further introduce contamination if the chrome inside the filtering device are not smoothed, but very rough, increasing the surface area for metal contamination.

Distilled water, where remineralization by addition of sea salt and baking soda seems to be most viable solution that I can think of.