Should Carbonated Water Be Avoided to Improve Ph?

Posted by Elizabeth on 05/20/2008

Hello, I keep reading how all carbonated drinks should be avoided. Does that include Sparkling carbonated water and Club Soda? I have a acidity problem and am trying your remedies to improve my PH level so far so good. Thanks for all your advice and time on earth clinic. Elizabeth.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Usually carbonated water reduces bicarbonates level in the blood by degrading them down into water and CO2. Therefore drinking carbonated water reduces the body's bicarbonate levels. A carbonated water includes club soda and sparkling carbonated water. However taking baking soda regularly should not effect the blood acidity that much, but it does have an effect. Most of the problems of acidity I have found turns out to be aspartame hidden in many drinks, vitamins and medicine that required it to effervescent in water. These aspartame typically degrades into free methanol and formaldehyde and is detectable by conventional analysis, they kill or cause neurological damages that leads to acidity or metabolic acidosis.

However, the most common causes is that 90% of our food is acid forming anyway and this is why both sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate used together may be more helpful from a dietary perspective. As for me it is always the wheat product, vegetable oil uses and consuming too much wheat products, For many other people I have found mycotoxins, yeast products, yogurt (lactic acid), and fruits to cause a chronic metabolic acidosis especially previous exposure to moldy houses and moldy foods found in many processed foods.

Replied by Ash
London, England, United Kingdom

Hi, I have been drinking ACV in Sparkling Mineral Water - widely available - as I find plain water with ACV hard to take. It contains 239/Lmg of bicarbonate and 445/L mg of sulphate, plus 34 mg/L and Fluoride 5mg/L - Is it safe to use this Sparkling Water? I am taking ACV and Salt for High Blood Pressure. Many thanks and God Bless, ash

Replied by Paul S.

Yogurt and pickled vegetables like sauerkrut is one of the healthiest foods especially home made without pasturisation to preserve healthy bacteria. Lactic acid produced outside body is very different than lactic acid produced in the body through anarobic activity.