Tap Water: Making It Safe

Dear Ted, Thank You for the great answer regarding the remineralization(sea salt + baking soda) of the distilled water system. The other question I have is what if I would drink coffee or tea at home in the distilled water will I have to remineralize the water as well or there enough minerals in the coffee or tea.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It should be noted that the tannins or tannic acid removes free metals from the body, and acts as metal chelators and is good in removing free radical metals. Hence, the addition of any sea salt might defeat its purpose.

As to the issue of whether remineralization of coffee, the answer is probably the same as coffee also contains some tannins which remove free metals from the body. Therefore in both cases, I would not prefer to add remineralization using sea salt into the coffee or tea. However, it should be noted that coffee or tea should always be taken in moderation should not exceed two cups per day. Excess taking can lead to other problems such as calcium oxalate (kidney stones) and theobromine, which reduces edema, but too much can cause dehydration.