Distilled Water Leeches Minerals From Body?

Posted by A Reader

We are drinking only purified/distilled water but a doctor told me this was no good because distilled water was leeching the minerals from the body and making one deficient in minerals but i told him we get the minerals from the food, not from the water.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Distilled water does not leech minerals out of the body. This is an urban legend. The same is also true even if you take EDTA to get the heavy toxic metals out. Research shows that distilled water gets rid of free radical metals out of the body - the one that is not bound to any proteins. EDTA will not pull any metal out of any mineral bound protein either. This is also true of distilled water. What distilled water does do is it gets unneeded toxins out of the body. One problem remains, is that many brands of distilled water are not distilled water, if you read the find print or check directly with the company. Sometimes the fine print says, made from "filtered water". A distilled water is not filtered water, it is water that is boiled and the steam collected makes distilled water.

Again, if you have a toxic metal buildup such as cadmium, mercury and arsenic, you best course of action to find the source, is certain canned foods. Also, air pollution is another source of cadmium. The reason is simple, many years back when gasoline had lead, the desire to remove lead from gasoline, was replaced by cadmium. So today, the lead is very low, but cadmium is very high from car and truck emissions whenever gasoline is burned. Perhaps the source of toxic metal also comes from air pollution.

Your best source of action is to take chinese parsley (aka cilantro). There was a study that said that chinese parsley will completely remove free radical toxic metals within a course of 1 month. Of course the assumed dosages is probably 1/2 cup per day for 30 days. You can eat them with foods. I now use chinese parsley as a gold standard for removal of toxic metal. Even Japanese hospitals use it.