Is the Chloride Found in Spring Water Healthy?

Posted by David (Georgia, USA) on 05/01/2009

Greetings from Georgia USA!

I was looking at the different brands of spring water and noticed some have chloride. For example, Figi brand has 7-mg per 1-liter of water. New Zealand Eternal has no chloride. I know chloride is an ion made from chlorine plus one extra electron, and I have read that chlorine attacks our immune system.

Is the chloride healthy in the spring water?

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Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A salt is sodium chloride. In a typical water, it may contain sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chlorie, any chloride forms are relatively safe. The problems occurs when chlorine, where it produces free chlorine that is the problem. A typical dechlorinator, such as sodium thiosulfate will remove the free chlorine, but chlorides doesn't produce free chlorine, and is safe. Typically I may add drops of 10% sodium thiosulfate in drinking water and also help plants growth, especially germination of plants and flowering, where typical chlorinated water will tend to suppress both germination, flowering and growth. Free chlorine that is used in chlorination is like sodium hypochlorite, which produces free chlorine and tend to stunt plant growth even in trace amounts and its removal with a dechlorinator even in trace amounts seems to significantly help plant growth. I expect such use of chlorine may caused health problems and development of cells in general because of that observation. Therefore chlorides are safe, but not chlorination such as sodium hypochlorite, which are not found in nature, but man made used for sanitizing and disinfectants.