Copper Pipes

Posted by Kris on 12/24/2007

Ted, Sorry to write back so soon but I read one of your emails to another individual about copper pipes. We have copper pipes as well. I do not have a filtration system as of yet but would you recommend it? How harmful is copper poisoning? What are the symptoms? Kris.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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In a UK research years ago, concerning what factors bought about diabetes amongst children through looking at water supply. They found that the a water lacking in mineral magnesium and zinc, plus excess of copper were related to higher than average diabetes in children. Hence, an R.O. water remineralized with sea salt and some fulvic acid makes more sense at least the R.O. water does get rid of the metal to some extent. In a French research years ago, they found that life expectancy was shortened by a large degree from the drinking water supplies that were high in copper.

Hence, I would be serious about the introduction of any free metal contaminants, which might damage our body.

In one area of a city I have studied which was high in heavy metals, especially copper, I found in some cases, immunity problems exists, which inevitably lead to glandular related conditions such as thyroid (hypothyroidism), pancreatitis (which led to diabetes), overweight (from adrenal inflammation or exhaustion).

However, I would be much more concerned about the indiscriminate use of canned foods which is high in pseudoestrogens from the bisphenol and may be accumulative, leading to possible conditions of precocious puberty in girls, delayed puberty in boys, obesity in people (excess estrogen causes obesity, much as like taking "the pill"), for example. Nearly all canned foods today with plastic lining comes from the estrogen bisphenol A. Plastic wrappers and packaging are also has it too, but if the food is more acid, the breakdown to a pseudoestrogen are higher.