Posted by SG (Taipei , Taiwan) on 04/07/2008

Hello, i send a message some days ago but nothing come out. So here again. I'm in my second week now of the remedy of Ted for Rosacea: I apply borax and HP on my face everyday, twice a day. Also y drink a Lt. of water with 1/8 of borax 3 times a week. The first week seems everything was going to be great, this week it look like Rosacea is coming back.I"m doing something wrong or it's normal? Why Rosacea is almost non existant in Thailand? what Ted think about? it's the diet? Please post this question on the site

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Samuel: Firstly a Rosacea can either be a demodectic mites, this is the one I encountered, and or i can be a form of mycoplasma or fungus like organism. The second one is harder to get rid of. In both cases it responds to borax and hydrogen peroxide remedy. Therefore, I had to revised my remedy to deal better the second condition, where usually the borax remedies require (the updated one) 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon of borax, plus at least 30 drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% in one liter of drinking water. Alkalization is needed still, usually the simplest one, not necessarily the most effective, is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken once in the morning and once in the evening. However, a more effective one I have found is the use of carbicarb remedy, which requires 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate (washing soda, both are usually Arm & Hammer's brand). in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day. These are the minimum dose, usually for alkalizing that adds to the effectiveness of the remedy, but 10 drops of H2O2 to alkalizing remedy further adds to their effectiveness also. As to what is wrong with the remedy is that my guess (based on very few feedback) are that most people don't alkalize using baking soda, and they don't usually add hydrogen peroxide into the borax remedy, which is a newer remedy. The other issue is why rosacea came back on second week. This has sometimes do with detox effect, which happens on the 8th or 9th day, so ti goes down generally but more with some roller coaster effect in some cases. Unfortunately, Thailand is fairly healthy compared to the Western counterparts and most medicine here is conventional, alternative medicine is almost unknown, except for a few foreign expatriates from U.S., Australia, Canada, now and then that are popular only in that few group. As to the reason why Thais don't get rosacea, not only that but it is candida is almost unheard of here also, but morgellons, and other disease. Despite being bombarded with chemtrails of SARS, bird flu, many of these don't survive either. The only reason I can find is that the weather here is hot, and there's a lot of sun so they die before it enters the host, to become Morgellons, SARS, bird flu, or perhaps other interesting organism. The other explanation is Thai water supply is hardly chlorinated or fluoridated, the country is simply too poor to do these to kill people, and hence, people here are generally healthy. Certain dietary triggers I found, such as rosacea, might be white bread, vegetable oils (except coconut oil and olive oil as they have higher boiling point), heavy metals, aspartame (hidden in sugar free gums, diet Coke, Pepsi Max, Coke Zero, and others) are the major triggers, especially the aspartame since it cause the body to go in tail spin toward a long term metabolic acidosis, even if the person has stopped taking aspartame products. Interestingly fluoride and chlorination is a major trigger that cases other foods to be more much toxic' compound (trace humic acid found in human intestines for instance mixed with chlorine and fluoridated compounds can create very powerful cancer causing compound, but also becomes a allergy triggers and immunity weakness. The other thing is many people here are not vaccinated, so mycoplasma which may cause rosacea, simply can't get into their system. This of course doesn't make Thailand permanently immune to rosacea, as long was there is a pushed to the market to sell aspartame, milk (bovine growth hormone), chlorinated and fluoridated the water, as well as mandatory vaccination. Hence I believe it is all these toxins that is being introduced in Western countries that seemed to trigger rosacea. Also certain spices, such as curcumin, turmeric, and other spices, has a protective effect against rosacea. Since a Western tourist will hardly eat any native food or spices here, it is difficult for me to actually find the cure for rosacea through the use of spices. and other herbs. Yes the diet is a trigger. If the redness comes on the second week, one remote possible remedy is to avoid food triggers mentioned, take chlorella and spirulina, 500 mg once every two days, and people keep forgetting to alkalize or add the hydrogen peroxide into the borax remedy. I haven't found all the solution to cure different conditions of rosacea, since there is zero cases of rosacea for just Thai people, and I did have a few long time, which were mainly foreign tourist coming to Thailand, and that was it. So I live in a country with a solution to an almost non-existent condition, much like candida, fibromyalgia, lupus, and other that is somewhat widespread in other countries. I guess I am living in the wrong country. lol

Replied by Dita
Bangkok, Thailand

Hi Ted, I have rosacea and live in Bankok. I've only been in Bangkok for 5 months and my rosacea has been getting significantly worse. I found when I lived in London that when I stopped drinking caffeine this improved my skin so much that my rosacea was almost gone. Here for some reason I haven't been able to quit. You suggest quite a few remedies such as borax, hydrogen peroxide, bentonite clay and so on. Could you please advice me whether any of this is available in Bangkok and if so where? You also suggest toxic build up in the liver. Would it be worth seeing a Chinese doctor for this? and if so is there any one that you can recommend?

Many thanks, Dita