Borax Remedy for Rosacea - Time Frame of Treatment

Posted by Deborah on 05/24/2008

Hi Ted, Thank you so much for all the comments and knowledge on Earth Clinic. I couldn't find anywhere that mentioned how long one should take the 1/8 borax treatment with water or how long to take the alkaline treatment (baking soda, washing soda, water). Can you please let me know what works best. I imagine that both should be taken simultaneously? Thank you!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Deborah:

Most rosacea formulas are taken for 5 days out of a week, such as borax remedy and for the alkaline remedy it is taken at 5-6 days out of a week. The remedy should be taken are often taken for a couple of months (between 2-4 ) until conditions disappear. Thereafter, the alkalization remedy is used as a maintenance to keep it to a minimum. Most of the improvement are from the first couple of months. While I may not have rosacea, the baking soda and other alkalizing remedies I always take for general health and reduced skin inflammation problems.

There is a good reason why the alkalization is taken over the long term: 90% of the foods most people eat is acid forming, and with industrialized farming on growing chickens and pigs, the omega 6 well exceeds omega 3, not only that but heavy metals such as cadmium, uranium, lead are now found in many vegetables we eat. It comes from heavy metals found in fertilizers. Fertilizers for one thing or another, are often overlooked by the FDA. Most of their efforts is spent suppressing alternative medicine, while ignoring toxic heavy metals found in many of the foods. Even bisphenol is found in nearly all canned foods and causes excessive estrogen. Any canned products lined with these can aggravate the condition too. The addition of sodium carbonate makes it more stronger in reducing some small patches of redness and this is why it was added along with the baking soda.


5/26/2008: Deborah writes, "Thank you so much for responding. I will follow your suggestions, let you know how it worked out and leave a post on the website.

I don't know if the below site interests you or possibly could interest someone you may know, but I have found it very efficient and was amazed at the results after using many harsh abrasive cleaners, mild cleaners, and natural face cleaners to reduce my oily skin and dark pores, to date this is the only method that had worked. So I pass it on to everyone I know who I think may be interested.

Thank you so much again for your help,

5/26/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies, "Dear Deborah:

Thanks for the information I will pass this information to earthclinic. Castor oil is an often overlooked remedy by me, but is often important too. The reason why oil cleaning method against acne is the the major component, the castor oil is used to kill the acne. Hard rancid oils or hard oxidized oil can be dissolved to some extent with oils, a stronger oil, although I won't use is a trace mineral oil, which are known to dissolve waxy substance in small area that actually is more efficient. It can easily be proven that mineral oil will even dissolve wax candles, whenever you apply it. Other oils can experimented as to how they can do this.

The reason why castor oil is a powerful antibiotic is the trace ricin, available in extremely small amount to almost homeopathic levels that I used even for a diseased liver condition, where the liver is so inflammed it sticks out of the stomach. The castor oil is an important component in killing off the bacteria of the skin

The good point about these is it kills the bacteria and does kill the problematic pores, but it doesn't solve the cause. People never ask why these acne pores and skin pores exist in the first place, which is a biochemical imbalances of eating too much vegetable oils, gets rancid, becomes hard fats and they clogged the skin pores. Or the problem about lowered immune system that leads to the skin to easily form acne problems, such as lowered zinc can cause lowered immunity, eating too much sugar, drinking aspartame (formaldehyde & methanol) laced foods, sticky bloods from high heavy metals leading to clogged circulatory systems, or even the more common metabolic acidosis, which leads to skin inflammation. Interestingly a lot of sickness in the U.S., especially is that the omega 6 is way too much compared against omega 3, such as 20: 1, instead o the ideal 1:1 due to industrialized farming practice of raising chickens to grow too quickly, which leads to very high omega levels.

So something as simple as eating more fish or fish supplements, or traditional methods of growing chickens would help. Do quite often the skin is inflammed from low levels of omega 3 and acidosis, before things get worse.

So while the oil cleanse remedy uses 10-30% castor oil depending on oily or dry skin with more castor oil for oily skin mixed with sunflower oil, technically a superior oil is extra virgin olive oil because of its antiviral component found in the olive oil. Some people do have problems in sunflower oil use, but that doesn't happen often, but for more sensitive people I often use olive oil. In the long run, the most dietary oils are not that good, with exception of fish oils because the body have an upper limit as to how much it can take and then end up with eczema and other problems from long term use. Short term is always ok, but the liver can only processed so much oil, even if it is applied to the skin. It works the same way as why people can't take much vitamin A, as it is stored in the liver. Vegetable oils are the same, and gall bladder's limited emulsification ability has always been to supplement with granulated lecithin (a oil emulsifer) so that the gall bladder doesn't get inflammed from excessive fried foods and vegetable oil diets. Ted