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Consider taking borax. Some people believed the demodex mites are responsible for rosacea. They may be right. But, there are others too that are not yet identified. I prefer to lump all these insect issues to just one category: nanoinsects. These insects have several weakness that you can kill them, or at least weaken them. One obvious ones is borax. The treatment can be broken down to two things:

1. Taken internally: Try 1/8 teaspoon to 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of water/day. You just drink this water throughout the day. If it runs out then drink just normal water, with some magnesium added if possible. Magnesium is found in certain seeds such as sunflower. They seem to be synergistic with the vitamin D as vitamin D promotes calcium and the body needs to balance both magnesium and calcium to an ideal amount.

2. Used externally: Dog mange is confirmed demodex mites and the only treatment that effectively cured of dog mange is 1% hydrogen peroxide and borax saturated solution applied topically. Many people believe the demodex mites is the cause of rosacea. What I am sure about is it is an insect issue. The method of killing them is external application of 1% hydrogen peroxide with borax saturated solution to the face, unrinsed. It tends to cause drying. So you can apply appropriate lotions to prevent drying, such as jojoba oil, aloe vera or lavender oil.

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Replied by Pcasey2203
Indianapolis, In, United States

I have been researching online where to buy or what type or borax powder to get. Could someone who has ha success please e-mail or provide information in this forum. Thanks Patrick. Casey03(at)gmail(dot)com"

04/24/2011: Valerie from Dallas, Tx Usa replies: "Hello Ted... I'm not sure where I can find your instructions on how to do this and all. I have been on this site for like 2 straight days on and off trying to find it all but was hoping you can just mention the guideline under the measurements for I am getting tired since it is late at night now.

My main two things I'm trying to find is a better understand of how often a week I should take/ do this. I have read that people take this internally for like 4 days on and 3 days off but is that 4 days in a row straight or every other day. Or do you recommend everyday for this is what people have concluded.

Another thing I would love to know is for the body wash in this do you recommend the same measurements for the external application or less/more. I feel like I need to put this on head to toe including my scalp for a few minutes and then soak in the bath water after rinsing it off for awhile for my first intial use. Then take it internally how you recommend and find out if that is everyday straight, every other day, or few days on then off. While doing the interal take use this as a body wash/ facial cleaner till everything clears up and I have a chance to clean everything in my house with this concentration. Hopefully after all that I can just continue taking the internal routine and the extrenal every other week or so using the body wash/ facial cleaner on my face for I do not want another flare up in case it is triggered by my cat or something else that still is a host to this bug like thing. Please tell me what you recommend.

I have in the past been prescribed a cream that you put on head to toe that was used to treat scabies, even thought I was told thats not what I had, and it seemed to work for a week or two but then my face turned to be a problem for it was not ever before. I was never told to do it monthly or so for they made a very big deal that it was a steroid and not to do often. I dont know what happened to the tube to reapply now but I do however get my orginal symptoms back almost every season which is scaly looking hands that are extremely itchy and countageous to others and it seems to be triggered by doing the dishes or extreme temperatures outside or water temperatures. And now I have been recently diagnosed with Rosacea on my face and know they can prescribe a low dose antibiotic however I feel that is unsafe since the bacteria or whatever this is can grow immune to it and don't want to cause a superbacteria, like what I have been learning in my medical classes.

PLEASE just help me if you can and I will greatly appreciate it for I rather do this than worry about waiting in line to see a doctor and spending more money than I can afford. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this remedy!

Replied by Angela
Albany, Louisiana

Ok, so I've read tons of these comments and replies on here regarding the mite problems on skin causing rosacea and other skin inflammation. It looks like it take much effort and work to take care of this and sometimes it still doesn't work So, what does a person do that is already ill from other health issues and does not have the energy to keep doing these trial and error treatments along with all the laundry every day, meticulous house cleaning, etc. ? I just don't have the energy or health to do all this stuff on a regular basis. And, I know I have this demodex mite. It's ruining my life.

Replied by Melissa
Syraucse, Ny

I used cocoa butter skin therapy oil on my face at bedtime after I wash it. I was amazed that after 2 days I could see a difference. I am fair skinned and break out easy so I was afraid to do it but I was desperate to make the redness go away. I have not had one pimple from using it. Love this stuff!

Replied by Andrea
Winchester, Ky., Usa

Re: Rosacia Sea Buckthorn oil applied after washing your face. You will notice improvement in a few days. My face was very blotchy and painfull. It is totally clear now. I apply the oil very lightly every second or third day now.

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Hope, Bc Canada

I broke out with roseacea on my face I thought due to a stressfull incidence. Even though I was told it was incurable and I should suppress it with some creams, I would have none of it. I got an interesting programme to watch on my pc, got out my home made silver colloidal and a cottonwool pad and proceeded to dab my face with it for about one hour. Next day and up to now (several months) no recurrence and my skin is as good as ever. What's all the fuss about?? People have seen me before and after and I enjoyed seeing their chin drop in amazement. Good luck. Om

Replied by Beninay
Centreville, Va

Hi Om, How did you make colloidal Silver and cotton wool? Do you mean you bought them? I would like to try it too.