Need Alternative Treatment for Rosacea

Posted by BB (Anon) on 05/06/2013

Hi Ted, I have been doing your rosacea treatment from Earth Clinic very consistently for several months now (internally and externally), but I have not noticed any improvement... I have redness across my cheeks and nose. Within the last week it has progressed to a burning red forehead as well. I don't believe the treatment is working and I am about to give up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes, I would try a beta glucan paste. This seems to work too, ideally mixed with humic acid. You can pre-apply bentonite clay paste to get out the toxins, and then try the beta glucan paste. The paste may be mixed with water or witch hazel water. There are several kinds of rosacea, since rosacea is rare in Thailand, those that i deal with are always successfully treated. The rosacea I had most recently in Thailand seems to respond very quickly to a solution of tetrasodium edta used as soap, the use of myristin as topical and internal, borax solution to be used topically as well as internally, and sodium molybdate as a supplement taken internally. There are several causes of rosacea, either from inflammation in which case only bentonite clay paste applied to the skin does a good job. Then there is rosacea cause by demodex mites (for which mustard paste does a good job) and fungus (for which borax, myristin is a good treatment). I cannot cover every possible cause as I only have clients with rosacea once a year. If many more cases, I can cover many more causes. If it doesn't work it generally doesn't take long to know, from a couple of days to 2 weeks to know that something is missing.


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I can't for the life of me find this "Ted's Treament for Rosacea" anywhere on earthclinic.

I see reviews mentioning it in the Rosacea section, but can't find the remedy.

Replied by Charity
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To find Teds part in each section there is a black box on the right of the article, scroll to the bottom of the box and you will find Ted there in each section if there is a box on the side of the article listing cures.