Posted by Janice (Adrian, Michigan) on 11/10/2006

Just wondering if anyone has a cure/remedy for rosacea?? Mine is awful and the doctors have given creams etc. that haven't worked. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Janice: The key to treatment of rosacea can be very easy or very difficult, depending on whether you know the cause or not. There might be many causes, but let us discuss the ones that I do have personal experience with rosacea, while I was living in U.S. 30 years ago.

It is my own personal observation that these rosacea moves around the face quite quickly when you are trying to use topical solutions to reduce inflammation, in particular the lavender oil.

The rosacea's favorite ground is the face, being rich with capillaries and blood vessels which facilitates its movement.

Diagnosis commonly make a mistake for lupus (SLE) but with a red cheeks, this is a diagnostic error. However for me the cause is always the same, usually this is not lupus and it is not a viral or bacterial problem.

The condition I found is a demodex mites found in large majority of people with this condition. The research has recently seem to support this observation.

There are two ways of treatment, the quick method, or my method, which of course, I am unlucky in the feedback regard since this condition is extremely rare where I live.

The quick and dirty method is to take plaquenil, an anti-malarial drug which are directly antagonistic to the toxins produced by the demodectic mites. Therefore inflammation and pharmacological effects is in many ways similar to wormwood or artemisia which you might use as a good substitute.

The other is the one that I have steady success, which actually was developed to treat my own crawing creepy things on my skin causing an inflammation, but it is best known in treatment of dog mange (after lots of trial and error of course) and seems to work every time. At the time I couldn't imagine the solution to be workable for mange, but it did work. The solution calls for using 1% Hydrogen peroxide with a saturated solution of borax. This is applied to the face and do not rinse. The key is these demodectic mites tend to move around so quickly and if you apply in the face, it will quickly run into the eyes, causing a severe redness of the eyes.

To stop this redness you need to apply lavender oil around the eyes very thinly, making sure it doesn't get into the eye before you proceed. This is why sometimes people with rosacea might have an eye problem, either the healthy eye or unhealthy eye, they attack the same way.

The next step is to apply the solution as mentioned in a small area to see if it works. The red spots, will run quickly to the other side of the face.

When this occurs, it is a confirmed demodectic mites being the cause. An nano-insect problem. Therefore if this works and you don't have a skin reaction to the said solution you need to apply to the whole face and the ears. They tend to get into the ears too and if they stay in the same place, it causes this liquid pus, causing a break in the skin. Assuming a worse case scenario.

To avoid this, you need alkalize your body to an alkaline state so that the pus will not form. For a rosacea problem, I imagine you need to take larger does of baking soda than usual, usually 1 teaspoon two to three times a day on an empty stomach in one glass of warm water.

Other ways to drain the liquid pus is to clear your body systems by diarrhea by taking 1 teaspoon of sea salt and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. This will cause the loose stool and the pus will lessen almost quickly draining it dry. Application of alcohol will cause drying, but when you clear your system you still need to apply the solution (h2o2 1% saturated borax),

Upon application you should not rinse, allow the solution to go through necessary to kill the nano-insects.

Of course there are other solutions that might effectively kill these bugs, but I have no way of trying the formula because rosacea is non-existent in Thailand.

The other possible formula appears to be a 20% camphor in orange oil, and apply thinly. Make sure you don't have a skin reaction to this, so apply a small area. These bugs find d-limonene a component of the orange oil to be deadly, while it is safe for human use.

In other instances, I do make recommendation of people with rosacea to eat orange peel. The orange peel are high in d-limonene and once they reach the bloodstream they tend to kill these demodectic mites too. Killing them completely is a bit difficult because it requires a skill, which you need to find out yourself.

Again this is my own observations of how to treat rosacea. Your case might be different, but you can try to see how effective this is. What I do know is this works very well. But to completely kill them or cure them, requires a bit of skill and patience.

Most important: if your eyes become red or it enters the area of eye, a lavender oil solution will cure it almost instantly. Lavender oil can solve the rosacea temporarily, but it won't kill it completely, you need to use an orange oil and camphor formula for that, but that remains untested and remains a question mark in my head since rosacea is almost non-existent in Thailand.

I hope this helps - not a perfect solution I am sure, but something to try

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Rosacea cures in a distant future may pick up, hopefully and a major remedy, believe it or not is the borax taken internally (1/4 teaspoon empty stomach). The safety level, if you check with Material Safety Data Sheet, LD 50, is as safe as sea salt and can be used as an antibiotic against insects for human and animal use. I am getting fairly good feedback on this area, but many people wish this to remain private (I guess it is a very embarrassing disorder). The cure takes a while -- about a month and a use of alkalizing lemon formula up to 4 times a day.

Replied by Anna
Los Angeles, Ca

I have had my face lasered at the dermatologist, which worked, but was too expensive for the long run. I have had creams which never really worked. On top of rosacea, also my hair falls out, so i bought the hair laser comb for this problem. As i did my hair, my chin was itching, so i also tried it on my chin, if it does not help it won't hurt i thought. It felt very good after. So now i do my face 3 times a week, and my skin looks really good. I still have a few dots on my chin and near my nose. But over all i think it looks amazing, i never thought my skin would ever look this good again.

My hair has not stopped falling out, but i am very happy about my face. I have not heard anyone else about it, i would like to though. When trying, shield your eyes with something solid, because laser is damaging to the eyes.

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

For hair fallout I used a few drops of seabuckthorn oil in some jojoba oil. Massage it in and sleep with a thin plastic shower cap. Wash out the next day. Get a PH balanced shampoo (Amazon has one with orange products). Don't dry your hair. I stick rollers in my hair and let it dry for a couple of hours. Seems like it's getting healthier. There's also a great article about Matthew McConaughy's hair loss and he recommends a product. Good luck! I've tried almost everything. Next, I'm going to see if a beautician can do a henna treatment.

Replied by Gerar
Neuquen, Neuquen Argentina

Dear Ted: I was diagnosed with rosacea, and I wonder what exactly is the exact proportion of borax, water and Ph to be applied externally, and also whether it is best to apply at night.