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Posted by Richard (Charleston, SC USA) on 02/27/2009

I would like some feedback on this. I followed Ted's directions od drinking borax and nothing happened. I actually took a gallon of spring water and added 1/8 teaspoon of borax, 1/8 teaspoon of seas salt, and a pinch of baking soda to aclimate my system to the borax. I've read where people have had kidney problems so I started out differently. After 3/4 of the water was consummed over a 4 or 5 day period, I took a break from drinking the borax for 4 days and resumed with another gallon of spring water, but this time I doubled the dose since I was drinking a gallon instead of a liter. Still no progress. It only stirred them up and they started migrating across my nose.

I also started washing my face with borax, water and hydrogen peroxide. It only burns my skin and turns my face beet red and hot to the touch. I've read of some success stories with this stuff, but not me. Can somebody recommend something that has worked for them. The rosacea is getting worse since this borax intake.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The rosacea, the Chinese have found to be Folliculorum mite or the demodicid whose size is about 0.4 mm resides in the pores and hair folicles in the face, including eyelashes. They tend to be more active when borax is applied, but they are killed or reduced in numbers nevertheless. Therefore redness will show. There are other remedies that will not show redness and hence don't have the flushing out effect. Colloidal silver is also insecticidal to some of these mites, and I am currently looking for combination of colloidal silver and colloidal copper as another possibility.

Mites found in Rosacea maybe more active, but are killed or reduced in number with the rosacea. Initially they may try to get out, which causes the redness and hence the flushing out effect.

There is another method that kills them quietly although it won't reduce their egg laying ability, but they require more frequent dose. This means taking colloidal silver (around 5 ppm or above) one teaspoon or more, empty stomach 6-9 times a day for a couple of weeks will reduce the redness. Another is sea buckthorn oils.which is applied to the skin that was found to be helpful.

A neem oil is more weaker and less aggressive then borax and peroxide remedy and this is a possibility, although I find them not so impressive, but does help. It works as a birth control device to these mites to reduce their egg laying ability. It's applied thinly on the area. Borax and peroxide may have been too aggressive and had a flushing out effect. It's the same if Oregano oil was taken internally with a capsule. Colloidal silver can be applied to the face and taken internally, it makes them less active and hence less redness. I can't be sure whether colloidal silver reduce their numbers, but they are less active, but borax irritates these mites, making them less red. It's interesting to note that afalfa in a very few cases also helped too. If the colloidal silver was used along with borax and peroxide, for example, the breakouts reduces. So these mites don't go out quietly when we try to kill them, which is why redness increase, but it reduces their numbers, and hence it is more helpful over the longer run. But if only redness is to be eliminated, without regards to mites numbers, then It think just the colloidal silver well do. In any event, I am looking into a combination of colloidal copper and colloidal silver to see if it works better. Chrysanthemum tea may also knock them out unconsciously, as do alcohol solutions, but chrysantheum is applied and drank is also a natural insecticide in itself.

The other thing I am exploring is the use of bloodroot tincture dilulted in a glass of water taken internally or applied externally may digest some of the mites too, it's more powerful and has an effect within the day. That I am exploring and looking whether it will completely eliminate them. It does work, but it's a matter of debate whether it kills them, but may work by digesting them. A tea tree oil is also an insecticidal and may irritate the mites, but it does kill them, at the same time redness may increase initially after an application.

Certain dewormers can kill some mites but not all responsible for rosacea but that's still not so effective, or I haven't yet found the right one yet.

Hope this newer update helps!


Replied by Corinne
London, Uk

Richard, my husband has had great success with ACV. After spending hundreds of pounds on useless treatments at various clinics for his Rosacea we decided to search the net for alternative cures. We came across this site last year and decided to give ACV a try. My husband took 2 table spoons of ACV with Tomato juice (he couldn't cope taking it with water) 3 times a day. He also applied the ACV directly to his face using a cotton bud so he could target the problem areas. Within a week the redness went and at the end of the first month his flare ups were dramatically improved. One day, after a few months of him taking this I looked at him and thought "gosh you need some sun" as he was looking really pale. Then I realised his face was no longer red and he was back to his normal colour.

He still continues to drink the ACV daily for its numerous other cures (he no longer has to take heartburn remedies) and only applies the ACV to his face a couple of times a week. The only time his face becomes red now is after very spicy food.

Richard, if you have not already done so I would really recommend trying this. We tried everything prior to this and nothing has worked as well as ACV.

Thank you Earth Clinic. I have one very happy and confidant husband back again

Replied by Billy
Nyc, Ny

Ted when using the Borax/peroxide Solution for mites, will the face get red for a little while or stay that way for a long time?

Replied by Tricia
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When I used the remedy my face would redden slightly when I was washing it off in the shower next morning. It only lasted a few minutes. It would redden again when I used a moisturiser(usually vco) for a few seconds then gone. What it did do that was noticable was to leave the skin looking dry and wrinkly while it was on but once you washed it off you go back to your normal condition. This meant it had to be used only at night or if you weren't going anywhere during the day.

Replied by Eugene
Moscow, Russia

Hi, I have mites in my eyelashes and they're causing a toxic reaction and blepharo conjunctivitis. I was wondering if can use borax H2O2 solution safely on my eyelids? How long should I keep it on before rinsing? Thanks in advance for any advice. Eugene.

Replied by Sandra
London, Uk

Hi there, I suffer from the same condition caused by rosacea and have found the following remedies helpful.

1) clean your eyelids with a baking soda solution (just a pinch of baking soda in purified water, should taste slighly salty, like tears). Use a cotton bud and clean along the eyelid, as close as possible to eyelashes, both top and bottom, in the direction of your nose. Do this in the morning and before bed.

2) Apply castor oil around eyelashes at night. 3) When your eyes feel dry, place warm green tea bags on them for about 5 minutes and massage gently to loosen the sebum and allow it to drain out of your eyes. Clean with baking soda solution afterwards. Since starting this routine, I haven't had any problems with my eyes. I hope you will find it helpful too!

Replied by Eugene
Moscow, Russia

Thanks very much Sandra! I'm not sure it'll help kill the remaining demodex mites in my lashes but I will try this to relieve inflammation. I now fight them with 10% tea tree oil salve I prepared using beeswax plus sea-buckthorn oil as base. Thanks again!