Long-term Cough?

Posted by Suzej (Tyler, TX) on 03/20/2007

I have had a cough for over 10 years. Yes, it is daily. I have been treated for bronchitis, asthma, reflux. I have had all kinds of medications and then some. Nothing has worked. I have it most of the day but I do not cough at night as long as I lay down. If I get up for anything, I start coughing again. I have been tested for everything. It is a deep cough. I have nothing to loose. I am going to the store tomorrow and buy ACV (vinegar usually is a trigger to worsen my cough) so we will see. Has anyone else had a cough that has lasted for years. My file is 12 inches thick.

Replied by Sarah
Toronto, Canada

This is for Suzej from Tyler tx. I have had my cough for 14 years. It took doctors 10 years to finally figure it out. Only a cat scan showed it. It is called Bronchiectasis. There is no cure.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Well, decades ago I was not healthy either. I coughed for a year also, and what helped me the most but rather slowly anyway, was n Acetyl Cysteine, 500 mg. a day, using sodium bicarbonate/potassium bicarbonate as a mouthwash, and most important of all was taking a tiny amount of menthol crystals stopped the coughs within seconds.

Alkalizing taking baking soda 1/2 teaspoon two times a day plus apple cider vinegar or just baking soda alone also helped. Vitamin Sodium ascorbate help, but I had to take over two months along with the other remedies for more than a month. The dose was 1000 mg./day in case you are wondering. Zinc seems to help, but it takes a little time, the preferred form is zinc gluconate, zinc acetate, taken 50 mg for once a week, at least for me anyway.

Most helpful for me was the N Acetyl Cysteine, the menthol crystals, followed by alkalizing baking soda.

Doctor's medications made the cough worse for me and I went right straight through to Emergency rooms from antibiotics side effect.

Replied by Terry
Sidney, BC Canada

I have been diagnosed with asthma which I use an inhaler every day. But when I pick up a virus or cold I get this very deep cough, don't keep food down for days I cough so hard and so deep and it lasts for weeks and I mean sometimes 6 weeks - can lay down, sit down or standup, the cough is just brutal. Someone please help me out here, am going to try ACV but maybe there is more to this.