Mysterious Condition, Dry Cough

Posted by Adero (Kampala, Uganda) on 05/08/2007

Dear Ted, I am a Uganda, at aged 40. I have been suffering from this disease since 1980. Sometimes I get cough which is so dry especially at night and take time to go within shortest time it comes back. I have been on treatment for many years, but not natural drugs. please where can i find those natural remedies in Uganda. I need help I want to live and my children are still young. the last one is one year old.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Adero: Eat plenty of peppermint leaves, or a couple of drops of peppermint oil. I am sure if you can find BHT (a food preservative) which I use to reduce the cough. They seem quite effective. If Uganda have N Acetyl cysteine in drug stores those help too. Taking some vitamin A once a day, 25000 i.u. will slowly reduce the cough. If you can take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, twice a day that would help at least remove some dryness. However, green tea NO SUGAR AND NO MILK taken all day will help stop dryness of mouth directly. The secret is NO SUGAR and no milk, the destroy completely the beneficial effects of green tea. Your mouth should no longer dry by the next day. Take at least 4 bottles (500 cc) of green tea per day and you can add some sea salt to restore electrolyte imbalance, such as 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water. I found that people who drink a lot of water have dry coughs because drinking too much water quickly depletes the body of salts (electrolytes) so adding some sea salt will restore that problem. i have the same problem too as I sweat easily, so taking those helps restore immune system, along with alkalizing.