Safe Remedies for an Infant?

Posted by H on 07/28/2007

I have a 20 month old son and I've taken him to the doctor for a cough but they say its allergies. The have given him some allergy medicine but it isnt helping his cough at all. He is up ALL night coughing but its not so bad during the day. I dont like him taking medicine but I will try anything safe. Do you know any safe remedies that I could try for him so he could sleep at night without all this coughing? Please help... Thank you. Also I heard ACV is good for acne. Would I need to put it directly on my face or take it orally?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A relatively mild remedy against coughs are peppermint leaves and sometimes parsley. The active ingredient of peppermint leaves are the peppermint oil. I take myself either peppermint oil (a drop or so) to help with the coughing but parsley and celery are less effective.

A peppermint leaves are relatively milder than peppermint oil that can also help with the couging. Usually most cough medicines add sugar which prevents people with coughs to stop since the sugar perpetuates the viral and sometimes bacteria colonies that is found from the throat due to excessive and stick mucus, which in some cases are generated in small part by biofilms of microbes perpetuating itself.

Since the body has difficulties ridding of coughs due to sweet and fatty foods, the amino acid uptake by the liver prevents detoxification, further causing allergies. Therefore a simple remedy to reduce mucus is N Acetyl Cysteine which liquifies the mucus. Lemon with baking soda alkalizes the body and does reduce some allergies due to an unknown source of fungus. Bentonite clays mixed in water to apply on skin can remove some problem.

Also whenever coughing occurs, the body is acidic and the liver becomes congested. So reducing the acidity and reducing some liver congestion through some amino acid supplements may also help.

I found that if I dip clove oil using a toothpick, and then put that toothpick in a small drinking water and stir it, the water that is drank helps reduce some irritation and tiredness associated with coughing. Clove oil by the way has an antioxidant levels measured on an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), scale of 10,000,000 unit, which is I think the world's most powerful antioxidant. The next closest one is not even close at only 25,300 units (chinese wolfberries).

Also I heard ACV is good for acne. Would I need to put it directly on my face or take it orally?

Apple cider vinegar or just plain distilled vinegar can be applied topically to kill the bacteria that causes acne. It's the frequency of application that kills the red bumps. I usually use acne as a measure of my body's antioxidant level, sugar and zinc status from the acne. Acne starts whenever I eat high sugar and oily fatty foods (vegetable oils & chocolates), lowered vitamin E levels and lack of zinc (if my face is also oily).

This sets of a chain reaction of causing acne -along with a mild constipation and the love of choclates and ice cream! The reason why research is inconclusive as to the cause, and I don't blame them, is that acne is caused by multiple factors, even when urinary pH is below 7 (usually its 5!) and the body is acid, causes acne since bacteria grows more easily in that environment also.

One easy way to PROVE that acne is caused by eating ice cream or eating chocolate is to get people who already have a history of acne eat ice cream and chocolate, it works quite consistent there and pops up in less than 24 hours.

The reason why some people don't know the cause is they don't observe what they ate 24 hours ago at the very least. Perhaps its not in the commercial interest to do so, so I find young people with no history of acne and it can easily be manipulated (in research anyway) to prove that acne is not caused by chocolates and ice cream. Of course people with no history of acne are not mentioned in research or manipulation of the selection processes, since sometimes the people who hired the research can sometimes come from the chocolate manufacturers, so they do have certain expectations as to the outcome. Even if it doesn't look nice to do so, they can come from "institutes" whose single biggest contributors are the the very same people. The only way to be sure there's no manipulation is for me to find out myself through my own experience and observations!

Since acne bacteria cannot survive (most of them) in pH below 4 or above 8 or 9(a really tough one cannot survive above 9, but most of them cannot do so at 8), it makes for apple cider vinegar and vinegar to be able to treat acne by the acidity at around 3.5 pH, while milk of magnesia is about pH of 9.4 (my own milk of magnesia I measured - but without the aluminum additives). In the same manner, a small amount of milk of magnesia applied to the skin can also relieved of allergies (they are soothing) and the reason why is the pH kill off to some extent the fungus (although ammonium chloride solution does a better job), while the COMMON additives in most milk of magnesia ALSO CONTAINS peppermint oil.

It is therefore sometimes helpful to add a little baking soda (such as 1/4 teaspoon in one glass of water to reduce SOME coughs) taken at 1/2 tablespoon at a time (assuming of course I am a child) but or even 1/4 teaspoon of milk of magnesia in 1/2 glass of water taken only 1 tablespoon or 1/2 tablespoon also kill off the bacteria/viruses by the alkalizing actions of both antibacterial magnesium, the peppermint common additives to reduce the irritations can also help coughing. The reason for the coughing are really the microbes that exists in the biofilm and excess mucus. So killing them off by alkalization or peppermint (they also kill the microbes) works to some extent.

However, I believe alkalizing in the long run raising the immune response and N Acetyl Cysteine helps stop the coughs by liquefying the mucus, thus reducing the irritation of the bacterial buildup in the mucus.

Sometimes I find cod liver oil, which contains vitamin A and vitamin D, but those require more time. Vitamin D by the way raises the immune system and vitamin A normalizes the mucus.

As to the allergies, I have more than my share of them in the past. One peculiarly simple kids vitamin C - those chewable kinds (if I were a small children of course) if I was allowed to take as much of those I wish until it causes some loose stools, quite often, believe it or not, my allergies and my coughs disappeared like magic!

The reason why that is so is the vitamin C has sufficient antioxidants and some antiviral properties in itself sufficient to kill them, and the most telling is whenever vitamin C is taken until loose stools occurs is helps relieved the body of excess bacteria buildup in the stools so the body can get rid of the bacterial overload and will shift its immune system focus on healing itself of the coughs and the allergies, rather than the bowel areas.

Therefore, while peppermint leaves, and sometimes the peppermint oil quickly relieves of coughs, toothpick stirred clove oil in water helps reduce irritation and regain energy, or even a small amount of baking soda, to help with the coughs. I believe it is the N Acetyl Cysteine supplements most helpful for my coughs and they do have dose for a child as the N Acetyl Cysteine is an amino acid. However in the long run, I would be also most help with coughs AND allergies by just taking plenty of vitamin C until I have the loose stools, being most helpful, at least for me for BOTH conditions after suffering a debilitating allergies for months in the past.