Child with Multiple Issues

Posted by Pei on 11/28/2007

Ted, My one year old daughter was just diagnosed with double eye infection, double ear infection, croup (barking coughs due to viral infection) and intestinal virus. She is feeling so bad and I am feeling very sorry for her. Please tell me how I can help her. I asked the doc and was told there was no supplement for a one year old available. She got antibiotic shots, put on augmentin for 10 days , nasal decongestant , antihistamine, cough suppressant and antibiotic eye drops. Please advise. A concerned mother.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A cough medicine is best to use 1-2 drops of peppermint oil A xylitol solution of nasal spray, may work best for'ear infection, or drinks in small amount to help with sore throat. Eye problem or infection a 2% Magnesium chloride solution or a colloidal silver solution used as drops to the eyes help in most cases.In most cold situation, the body's pH is acid. Hope this helps!