Picky Child Cough Remedy?

Posted by Jennifer (Paris, France) on 05/26/2007

I'm looking for remedies that picky young children will be even willing to try. My 4yo son has asthma and is currently coughing even while being treated with Seretide and Ventoline. I would love to find something natural that he would take that would cure his coughing. Thanks!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Jennifer: Yes, there is a simple, cough medicine, that is better than over the counter medicine. Just add peppermint oil 1-4 drops directly or in drinking 1/2 glass water for more sensitive children. Eating peppermint leaves helps too.

Secondly, a simple amino acid such as N Acetyl Cysteine 50-100 mg a day, will reduce the mucus by liquifying, and thus reducing the throat irritation.

1/8 teaspoon of baking soda taken twice a day in 1/2 glass of water on an empty stomach causes the children to be less stress and more relaxed by alkalization, but not necessarily sleepy and this helps reduce the cough when the body's stress level is reduced.

Some twice weekly dose of small amounts of vitamin E and vitamin A will take a while to reduce the cough, but I found it is the oil soluble antioxidants that helped reduce the coughs. It appears therefore that strict avoidance of fried foods and potato chips or hydrogenated fats, can help reduce coughing also.

There are other much more effective remedies not mentioned here, but I am in the process of doing some experimentation just to make sure before I post them. The ones mentioned here has work well and used them myself.