Friend with Second Round of Cancer, This Time in Lungs

Posted by Anonymous on 06/30/2011

Hello Ted,

I want to thank you for your contributions to Earthclinic. I use the site regularly to check for things that I might do for myself rather than get a prescription.

I am writing on behalf of my friend. A 45 year old male, survivor of colon cancer who now has lung cancer. He has 4 tumors in his lungs on both sides - 2mm and up to 1cm. They are going to operate to remove in July. For the colon cancer he had part of colon removed and a year of chemotherapy. This year he had a bad bout of bronchitis, with some residual wheezing. He was renovating his house to get it ready for his mom - broke her hip. I could hear the wheezing some time after. I am a mother with a daughter with asthma, which gives you an ear for this.

Before getting cancer he was healthy - exercised regularly, non smoker, diet - typical western, meat eating, likes vegetables, moderate drinker. As he was in good physical shape, he recovered quickly from original surgery, but with chemo he was quite tired and put on weight.

His brother died of colon cancer which is how they discovered his quickly.

I am hoping you can make some suggestions. This is his second bout of cancer. Chemo for a year did not stop the spread.

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Sorry I couldn't respond in time, as my regular email is not the yahoo account any longer. It's been since moved to [email protected].

A very easy remedy is 2 things: beta glucan 1/2 teaspoon three times a day, and 5 drops lugols 6 times a day. I believe these two are the key. The others are: crocodile blood pills help too, and if you have time, bromelain and sabah snake grass. The beta glucan and oat bran will convert cancer cells to normal cells, the other one with that record is DMSO.