Muscle Wasting in Lung Cancer Patient

Posted by Ditas on 03/21/2009

Mr Ted we really need your help, my husband who has a lung cancer stage 4 for 2 1/5 years now, has been in and out of the hospital since the last time i sent you an email.... due to fever, diagnosed to have a pneumonia, then was admitted again due to fever of unknown origin, then he had a tooth extraction after he was discharged, the tooth that was extracted was infected, and a couple of days passed, he was admitted again due to fever... each hospitalization, my husband received a lot of antibiotic, vancomycin q6 hours, zosyn q 4hours, and a take home antibiotic of azithromycin 500mg every day for 7 days......

He really loss a lot of weight, we have been following all the supplements i read... like

Vit B50 2xday,
lecithin 1 tbsp every meal,
selenium 1000mcg a day,
vit D3 24000 IU a day,
Vit E 800 IU a day,
Co Q10 50mg a day,
Vit C 5000mg a day........................ is this too much Vit C?
Magnesium Citrate 500mg a day,
Zinc 50 mg every other day

When i said a day... it really means every day.. Mr Ted, let me know the correct way of taking these supplements.... do we need to space it out, meaning in a week at least 4 to 5 days he should take the supplements... or in his condition he needs to take those supplements everyday? What else can i give my husband to counter act the muscle wasting... his weight is going down from 168 lbs last Nov 2008, and now he's down to 140 lbs.....

And here are the following medications that was prescribed to him... Tarceva 100mg a day, how i wish he should stop taking this, but he tried to stop it once before at least a month... and the cancer went to his liver and the brain, he was so mad at me when i encourage him to stop taking the Tarceva, Klor-con M20 a day, oxycontin 40mg a day in divided doses, 10mg twice a day and 20mg at night... for his pain... he is taking the formula of 1/2 tsp baking soda and 1/4 tsp potassium citrate for breakthrough pain..

He's having a high pulse rate reaching t up to 120 bpm right now, so i decided to stop the Klor-con M20.. they prescribed it to him because his potassium level is around 3.4 everytime he was hospitalized. I tried to give him the 1/4 potassium citrate in a glass of water, but he seldom take it.....he prefers the tablet form.. can he take the potassium citrate 99mg a product of nowfood that i ordered from everyday or at least 4 to 5 days in a week?

And i ordered BHT 350mg from vit research products and its a food grade preservative as indicated in the label, is this the right BHT that you are talking about?

I just bought this kind of vitamin c, Nature's way The Right C, it contains:
Vit c 1g (as sodium ascorbate),
Vit B2 7mg ( Riboflavin),
Sodium 135mg (as sodium ascorbate),
Roboflavin 60mg

Is it OK to give this vit c to my husband at least 5000mg or 5 tablets a day? as in everyday or at least 4 to 5 days a week?

Mr Ted I don't know what else can i do to help my husband... Help us he is so thin...


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear D:

Most muscle wasting issue is dealt with using D3 and appetite with a B complex. I don't know whether muscle wasting was initiated by lost of appetite or not here. In any event, many medicines if hospitals do open a lot of can of worms, and I have no way of knowing which ones initiated them, if it's not from cancer and many of side effects is not mentioned especially if a number of meds are taken at the same time.

In any event a bloodroot tincture as in 4 or 5 drops a day can help digest the tumor by 1/2 in a matter of days if it's well dissolved in water. B50 maybe are often taken three times a day and D3 is around 20,000 I.U. - 50,000 is usually fine. The only problem is people with cancer are relatively sensitive to a number of things which can instantly can go into metastasis, namely meats, acid forming foods, yogurt (i had one incident where yogurt ended up in metastasis and had to reverse this with a hotwater bag).

Food diets usually consists of mostly vegetables small amount of protein. Enzyme supplements, such as pancreatic enzymes, bromelain, papain and other enzymes help the body digest the cancer tumor.

It should be noted that a cancer tends to expand after eatng. It happens because the body's enzyme is concentrated on digestion of food instead of the tumor. This is why eating large meals, cancer supplements don't help that much, meat for example puts a high overhead on the enzyme requirement for the body and is very taxing such that cancer gets worse.

For emergency measures, I found that staying in a hot water tub or a hot water sauna or a hot water bag over the area of cancer can actually reduce their size or at least prevent them from getting worse. This is one of my remedies used in regions where medicine or supplements is lacking in many third world countries.

The other issue that IS important is the sea salt which is taken separately as in 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per glass of water one dose at least per day. It should be noted that I have observed that the sea salt and potassium to be lacking and is taken fairly often anywhere from three times a day to even six times a day, depending on the pain. Now this is where hyperthermia, or hot water comes in. Apparently either a fast cancer virus (from metastic type) or a slow cancer (from fungus type) are relatively sensitive to heat. So an application to heat will reduce pain even if it means sitting in a hot water bag.

Since noticed many cases in third world country even without the use of medicine they can survive also using ordinary supplements or hyperthermia. The most important at least for me is to avoid sugar, meats, oily anf fried food, and acid forming foods. Yogurt and calcium seems not to be helpful. In any event while vitamin D3 may help muscle wasting disease in certain cases it may cause some cancer pain because of it tends to raise the body's calcium levels, and then it's followed by clotting. If that happens a pinch or two of disodium EDTA and tetrasodium EDTA (more alkaline form) is used to relieve that. Magnesium is another supplements I think is important.

There is a story out concerning HCl therapy used for treatment of cancer in 1930-1935, and the doctors were at a loss as to why that worked. The principles however is actually simple and has to do with the digestive process that's taught in most basic courses on digestion. The HCl is a stomach enzyme for the stomach to digest the foods. But if a person is low on HCl it taxes the body of this enzyme after eating and tumor tends to expand when that happens. As a result food poisoning is common because the body's energies is directed to defending the tumor. Hence it tends to help digestion and HCl drops in water as in 10 drops per glass of water is taken during or immediately before eating. It might appear as a paradox here, why acid is used when alkalinity is the way to go in cancer remedies. Well the reason is it puts less strain on the body to digest the food and hence less taxing to the body so the body's energies is left over to defend the tumor, in form of other enzymes, as in pancreatic enzymes. Therefore HCl and other enzymes are needed sometimes a couple of times a day if need be. the HCl remedies has a few features some people do not know. For one thing it helps appetite, more energy, and prevents food poisoning (from low stomach acid the bacteria gets into your system faster). Another interesting fact is that HCL (hydrochloric acid used in drops in glas of water) is a good remedy for loss of appetite (cachexia) and with better appetite, increase weight.

It's interesting to note that sea salt, baking soda and potassium are indespensible in a cancer remedy, but a sea salt should never be mixed with baking soda or a potassium citrate because it becomes a laxative. An exception of course remains that if a person has constipation.

People generally reduce weight during cancer so that the body energies is more directed toward the tumor assuming of course it's not muscle atrophy. But my experience has been that it's the loss of appetite, rather than a muscle wasting disease, unless certain drug meds caused some sort of neurological damage. I tend to avoid most antibiotics by using clove oil instead, as in clove oil drop dissolved in a glass of water, or clove oil mixed with a small amount of beer as in shots, to prevent cancer from being too agressive from time to time.

In event of an unknown viruses, I don't use antibiotics, but this I named it as a 2009 virus, which had a known feature of coming back and then coming back again, causing fever and lasts longer than a week, or even a high fever. It respons fairly well to lysine 1500 mg x 2 or x 3 plus some optional aspirin and H2O2 3% drops, as in 10 drops per glass of water.

To deal with these virus. Antibiotics are simply antibacterial, they are not antiviral. The known antiviral is lysine, H2O2, and aspirin (buffered or with baking soda added). Hospitals tend to forget giving potassium even if potassium were low, for a reason I have not understood why, but is an important remedy against the cancer. Hence potassium citrate or technical name tripotassium citrate along with sodium citrate (trisodium citrate) are a stronger alkalization combination then a baking soda with potassium citrate. I may take a dose such as 1/2 teaspoon of sodium citrate plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate.

So for a muscle wasting it might be viral in nature, so I would assume 1500 mg x 4 for lysine. Certain other muscle wasting might be fungal in nature, so H2O2 3% 10 drops per glass helps taken 4- 6 times a day. Selenium supplements (600 mcg) may help the wasting muscle also as it's antifungal. Recently I am looking into a stronger antifungals, sometimes called fungicide in agriculture and are given in drops as in 1-5 drops, of those that I have tested that seemed to do well is the azoxystrobin, mixed in water. I haven't had other opportunities to test other strobins however. Certain aminos supplement may help in muscle building, but protein and aminos are kept in low dose to prevent blood clot or circulator issues as the blood tends to be too thick (more likely from fungus) and then kill the patient that way and I may need to have EDTA (namely tetrasodium EDTA) or if that's not possible, a simple aspirin may do. Vitamin D3 may help, but if that's taken then a lot of magnesium with EDTA or aspirin to prevent blood clots or restricted blood flow from excess calcium needs to be of concerned. I however, would stay clear of both milk and yogurt (especially with sugar) so much worse, immediately after consuming and can last an entire day of cancer pain.

There is another remedy that might help some muscle wasting, which works similar to a B6 (the U.S. FDA has recently declared it to be a drug and is taking them off the shelf) or a B complex in form of B50 or HCL. It's called hydrazine sulfate. That's use in relatively low dose as in 10-25 mg to help at least restore appetite also. However, I prefer a more straightforward Hydrochloric acid drops. Obviously should I buy this, often sold as concentrated HCl in bottle, they are a somewhat harder to handle and I may use a long glass dropper to put in glass with some goggles (the fumes are bad) or decant them in smaller bottle with a dropper to help handling them easier, and less fumes.

It's difficult to determine what is causing the muscle wasting from my side since I need to know the cause to determine a proper remedy in general. Either its loss of appetite and the remedy is mentioned here, a virus I might use lysine, or a fungus, where I might use a pinch of ammonium chloride, HCl or even azoxystrobin drops often called fungicide and used in agriculture.

In any event, a hot water tub may weaken the virus and may help some muscle wasting. However in another cause loss of appetitem is one way the body does to reduce the weight so that it can focus on killing the cancer, assuming it's not muscle wasting, but simply a weight loss from loss of appetite. Certain brain damage may bring about this but I found antifungals to be of most help as they may interfere with the damage in certain respects where blood circulation is restricted from the cancer.

Certain other things might help tell what the cause of the wasting disease as in Asyra machine or Scio machine as a possible clue, or a simpler hair mineral analysis assuming there's a deficiency, an allergy, or an excess or imbalance of some sort. But it just gives it a broad guideline if the remedy is missing something.