Lung Cancer Alternative Therapies

Posted by Anonymous (Mumbai, India) on 12/11/2011

Dear Ted, It is with lots of hope that I am writing this mail to you. I am getting in touch with you with anticipation of improvement of my wife. On 18th April 2011 we got her biopsy report confirming that she has "Adenocarcinoma in right lower lobe of lung". The CT Scan report confirmed the following observation:

"An irregular soft tissue, lobulated minimally enhancing lesion is seen in the perihilar region of the right middle and lower lobes mainly involving the lateral segment of the middle lobe and superior segment of lower lobe. It extends contagiously up to the hilum with the loss of fat planes with the mediastinal structures. Mild adjacent pleural thickening is also noted. There is a smooth interlobular septal thickening seen in the rest of the right middle lobe, basal segments of right lower lobe and minimally in the right upper lobe.

"The left lung and tracheobronchial tree appears normal. The left Pleural space is clear. Multiple enlarged non-necrotic conglomerate mediastinal lymph nodes are seen. There are focal Osteolytic lesions in few visualized vertebrae with more marked involvement of D11 vertebral body which is also wedged.

"The above described findings may either represent a primary byonchogenic malignancy with multiple spinal metastases as well as lymphangitic spread or an infective pathology"

The EGFR Mutation Test result was negative and the doctors said that in her case controlling or treating the disease using the medicines (orally) is not possible as the EGFR was negative.

My wife is 34 years of age. She had showed no symptoms till a month back. She only complained of a severe back ache and we went for a MRI scan. It was here that we identified the cause of the pain in the back was due to spread of cancer. Else there was no other related symptoms. We have got the Biopsy, Pet scan & blood tests done and took several opinions from leading doctors in Mumbai (Bombay) on the subject and each one has said the same thing that this is now not curable and that chances of her making it are next to nil....

On 24th April 2011, she had her session on Chemotherapy. Doctors have said that there are 50% chances that she might respond and only thing in her favor is her age. If this is not successful then she might get Paralytic & will be with us for not more than a month or two. Currently the cancer has spread to her spine in multiple places and D11 bone has degenerated. As per Pet Scan, the left adrenal gland has also got affected with infection.

In the Brain as well, there were certain cells which were affected by the infection. We had given 10 seatings of radiation on the brain in May 2011. Due to which she lost all the hair on her head. She also had lots of vomiting and nausea and a loss of appetite. After that she has also taken radiation on her spine as well as on the lower back (10 seatings each) as she was having terrible pain and was not able to sit or sleep. Her last round of radiation ended on 31st August, 2011. After this she has become very weak and does not eat much, is mainly on liquids, as whatever she eats, she vomits it out.

In between the last two rounds of radiation (on spine and lower back), her WBC count had dropped to 3000 and we had to give her 2 doses of Graffil injections. After the injection her WBC reached up to 4500 in 10-12 days. Our homeopath had recommended to give her Helixor injections (which helps in boosting immunity level). We have already given her 14 injections of Helixor.

We have not given her any more chemotherapy as she has become physically too weak to take the after effects of the chemotherapy. Her weight was 54 kgs in May '11 and now she weighs 41 kgs.

She has also developed blood clot in her right leg which has caused swelling and pain. We are giving her Arixtra injections for the same.

I want some natural remedies which will help her to reduce the pain, increase her appetite, reduce her nausea and vomiting, which will help to dissolve her blood clot.

Thanks & Regards.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You have to resolve the liver toxicity first and appetite first. N acetyl cysteine, vitamin C, vitamin B50 complex, digestive enzyme will resolve the cancer cachexia. Vitamin C will need to be taken hourly, for 250 mg each is the minimum, and B50 is taken 3 times a day at least, if she eats digestive enzymes is taken as often as she likes, it will increase appetite, at least 3 times a day. Vitamin C is taken as diabetes in cancer cases runs 97%, it should be called diabetic cancer, and non-diabetic cancer. The glucose molecule is similar to vitamin C, and the cancer will uptake or create a competitive inhibition of vitamin C.

The pain is caused by anaerobic conditions and excess lactic acid. No fructose should be taken, which is from fruits, as these further damage the liver, such as high fructose corn syrup. Anyone with biochemistry knows that fructose makes the liver go haywire, so avoid that completely.

To contain any cancer, use lysine taken hourly 1/4 teaspoon for at least 4 doses in morning and 4 doses in the evening for at least 3 days. That's the bare minimum, but it helps if threonine is added to at least 1/8 teaspoon hourly to help the excretion of toxic substances and detox, thus helping the liver function.

To localized the spread of cancer I will usually apply topically DMSO and aloe vera oil, 50/50 on the spine. This will convert cancer cells to normal cells and also reduce the pain. To block opioid receptors from cancer cells growth, I used low dose Naltrexone.

I am merely limiting the spread of cancer, reducing the pain, restoring liver function. And please get a reading on the fasting blood sugar, I suspected it is caused by diabetes as being one of the factors. The mutant genes can be normalized with chlorophyll, I prefer ordinary chlorophyll extract from spinach without copper, but copper chlorophyllin will do and take it 250 mg. x 3 to help reduce mutant genes.

Above all, get her on oxygen and ozone if possible! This kills cancer.


Replied by Joy
Los Angeles, Ca

I'm in Los Angeles I work for an Oxygen therapy company and we rent the oxygen concentrators for less than $75 per month!!!! Everyone - I mean EVERYONE needs to have one of these in their home. Its not just for sick folk or oxygen deprived folk, its for anyone who wants to live a healther life. Oxygen is LIFE! You do not need pricey oxygen tanks to keep with these tanks they are are tankless. These are the newest beautiful concentrators. Oxygen bars are popping up everywhere but at a $1 per minute Toooo expensive,

To your health,


Replied by Baldev
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Hi, sorry to read about your wife's condition. I am in Mumbai and if you need help in getting the oxygen cylinder let me know. I know the suppliers of oxygen in Mumbai. Also you can try along with Ted'c advice Dr. Budwig protocol it may also help her in getting some energy. You can contact me on 09322887066. Baldev

Replied by Vkkannan
Bangalore, Karnataka

Dear Sir, I read about the efficiency of Sabah Snake Grass. It is also available in India. Mr L. V. Soans has a farm and helping out patients with wonderful grass. You can contact him on 91-9449836361. You can also mail him at: [email protected] May your wife get well soon. God Bless her.