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Posted by Doddie (Georgia, Usa) on 06/19/2014

Dear Ted,

My sister has just been diagnosed with inoperable small cell lung cancer and liver cancer. She is 73 yrs old, has smoked for several years and quit 3 yrs. ago. She thinks it started about 3 yrs. ago. She could not eat without getting sick, was nauseated and vomiting. She used cannibis because it helped the symptoms and her appetite. She is now in the hospital and they have successfully treated the nausea and she has a good appetite. She is not in any pain. Today she has had her 2nd chemotherapy treatment to slow down the growth. I have read about the asparagus therapy, the miracle beet juice drink that kills cancer cells and Ted's protocol. I am not clear as to when, how much and how she is suppose to do all of the things suggested( am I supposed to use all the remedies together that he recommends) I don't want to do anything wrong. If you can get back with me soon I would truly appreciate it. Thank you. I live in Georgia she is in NC. I plan to go there and be with her when she gets out of the hospital. I did not find a recommended practitioner in that area or do we have to have one? She will be getting out of the hospital in 1-2 days. They say she has 3-6 months to live without treatment and with treatment 12 months.

Also Ted, how do I coordinate the protocol with meals and prescribed medicines. I do not know what medications she is on now, I can get that information later. So what is to be taken before meals, in between meals and before and at bedtime in sequence to medications.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The cannabis increased her melatonin by about 1000% and increased progesterone levels also. That is why the increased appetite. I would prefer to use things such as 20 mg or more of melatonin at sleep and use progesterone cream or oral but not synthetic ones. But it is now illegal in some countries using that too. I found the antidote for morphine which is adrenaline. In case accidental use of that. DHEA also works against cancer cells.

The beta glucan are the best for cancer but hard to find so you can used brewers yeast. If you can find them then Saccharomyces cervisae and beta glucan maitake half teaspoon a day. The more you take the better it gets as cancer cells commit suicide once they take them. It is preferred to add them with vitamin c, and together with lysine.

The over riding is what to take not when and how. The best is this. Apetite can best restored within minutes with concentrated HCl 6 drops per glass of water with meals using straws and 50 mg of Vitamin B6 before every meal. Ted

Replied by Michel
Toronto, Ontario

Dear Ted,

I would appreciate YOUR input very much on what I am doing with my mother. She is a stage 3 Lung Cancer NSCLC squamous, age 64 now, blood type A and has been battling it for 2.5 years, and a bit stable now.

We did conventional chemo/radiation back in 2013, along with a good diet and some Cannabis oil. she was in remission for over a year, then had a local relapse in airways. her left lung is badly damaged with pneumonitis. later, some laser therapy was done to open airways. then we did a chemo and natural substance sensitivity test in Greece by a genetic lab and we did mild chemo sessions and chemo embolization via artery (targeted)based on sensitivity test results for best selected chemos.

Mom also showed sensitivity to ascorbic acid the most, and great sensitivity to mistletoe, Artimisinin,

Disease is in her airways, local disease so far , NO distant spread at all as per latest PET scan done in Feb 15, no pain, just short of breath when active..

treatments , procedures and supplements so far:

  • Sodium Bicarbonate as per Dr Simoncini for lung cancer protocol, a nd we continue to do this periodic as well
  • Ozone Therapy (Autohemotherapy, rectal insufflation, drinking Ozonated water daily), soon to start Ozone via IV with Saline.
  • Photodynamic Therapy in China, 3 courses
  • Chemo-embolization(targeted)
  • after targeted chemo and photodynamic therapy , mom developed water around heart, so then a "window" procedure was done, fluid is clear(non-malignant)
  • doing various mushroom supplements with her: Chaga, turkey tail, maitaki, Sheitaki,
  • Chaga tea
  • Vit D , 5000iu + Vit K2 daily
  • Selenium 600 mcg daily
  • Magnesium Biglycinate 200mg daily
  • Triphala - 2 caps / day
  • just started Sour sop leaf tea - 1 cup daily(boil 6 leaves)
  • great diet , control blood sugar as much as possible,
  • after all these treatments, we hope to have a positive PET scan coming up(3 weeks)

I kindly ask for any opinion on what I am doing, any dos or don'ts?

Mom feels and looks great, eats well, good weight, but still suffers from shortness of breath when active. I realize all treatments and procedures just finished 4 weeks ago, but want an opinion if possible.

Thank you Greatly, and in health to all


Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Michel, read up on Bill Munro's h2o2 inhalation method.