Early Lung Cancer Diagnosis Help

Posted by ANON (ANON) on 07/29/2011

Have been reading the comments on Earth Clinic regarding cancer. Most of what I read was very helpful regarding the diet (being a diabetic he is already watching the blood sugar, but will be sure he puts in place as much of the cancer diet as practical), but in regards to his cancer situation I was lacking for an answer that would be safe to institute at this stage of his health. Please advise as to how to proceed with some natural things we can do for my father (see below). Unfortunately he was just diagnosed with cancer 3 weeks ago--no history in the family, no smoking, no environmental issues (like asbestos or coal mining) & had no indication that anything was wrong until about 3-4 weeks prior to diagnosis when he was experiencing his normal back discomfort after a trip.

Is there anything we can do --especially to help his kidney function/process, protect his liver or boost his immune system to help him fight off what is to come? As I said below I have to take it one step at a time with his acceptance of non-traditional methods, but I think if it is practical he will incorporate it into his routine. I don't want to overstress his system, but I am willing to present him with some helpful things to do. He lives in a very small town in rural Indiana & access to health food stores is non-existent, so if there is something that is easily & quickly available at the regular grocery store or the Super Wal-Mart that would be the best since it looks like we may be limited on time.

The brain area cancer is currently being treated with radiation, the inflammation & swelling is being treated with steroids. The X-ray taken 2 days ago shows no new fluid build-up in the chest cavity. Procedure was done 2 weeks ago to drain fluid from chest cavity, take a biopsy, insert chest tube for drainage & "glue" the lung to the chest wall to seal off a collection point for fluid as well as to keep the lung expanded to prevent collapse again. The Kidney is swollen with inflammation & was putting presure on the vena cava vein in the leg. The cancer in the kidney is only about the size of a marble. The lung cancer I have seen (video of the surgery) & have described it below. All these are on the right side of the body. We have seen improvement in his vision, spacial judgement & thinking process since the steroids were started 2 weeks ago, so we know we hav bought some time, but we would like to see if we can help make him better & provide at least a little more time. Biopsy results are in, but have as yet to be interpreted by the oncologist--my father will see him on Friday morning so we think the results will be explained then. We are in hopes that this will be a slow-growing cancer which will give us more time to help dad improve, but from what I understand, this particular type of cancer in the lungs (which we do know the biopsy said was renal), appears to be an aggressive, fast-growing, non-responsive type.

As I said below to Bill, this coming week is the final week of radiation for the brain & then they want to start treatment for the renal/lung cancer with sutent (spelling? It is a pill treatment that is taken once a day I think). I know you are not a fan of chemotherapy treatments, but I may not be able to persuade my father to not follow the "traditional" treatment route. He is apparently willing to try altering his diet & using supplements to support his body positively. Anything we can do to help his body through the ordeal to come would be great.

Thank you for all you do & I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The simplest method and the earliest in my treatment for cancer is lemon juice with lemon oil, that seems to work well for someone with access to Walmart, it can be added in baking soda. And you just observed whether his conditions will improved just for one day. The other thing is blood sugar meter you can perform to help control his blood sugar. Once he begins to notice that, he will accept other things necessary to achieve the target 90 mg/dL. There are things that will help his blood sugar, bitter gourd (or bitter melon), carrot juice, green apples (with peeling) are some of the simplest I can think of found in western supermarket (I haven't visited U.S for the last 35+ years so) I would assume things has not change. If there is anything I forget, green tea extract, CoQ10 (in coconut oil), and Lysine are usually found in most supermarkets.

Another one is apricot pits, contains B17. People usually consume at least 4 apricot pits. Apple seeds also contain some B17 also.

This is as simple as I can make it.


"Thank you Ted. I hope we can be able to try some of these in the next couple of days, but I feel that my father has deteriorated to the point of only having a couple of days left. Unknown to us, he developed pneumonia during this past week & had to be re-admitted to the hospital yesterday in order to help take care of it & his breathing struggles. Right now, the cancer is the least of our worries--helping him draw his next breath in order to be able to have a chance towards any recovery is the situation we face now.

If he makes it past this roadblock, we will start introducing some of your suggestions to see if they will help him to be able to fight the cancer.

Again, Thank You for responding & for your willingness to share your knowledge."

"I get the same problem, you see cancer is an immune disorder, in other words the immune system is not functioning and I see many cases of dying from pneumonia and other disorders. I used lugol's iodine 5 drops 6 times a day to get the person out of the woods. For antiseptic, spray I used in hospital is 5% clove oil spray with 10% ammonium chloride. This has always work with me well in the past. The lugol's helped with the breathing and it was taken internally. It doesn't apply to people who are not sick for the Lugols, but in cancer patient and in tuberculosis. the quickly uptake the Lugol's (the cancer cells and tuberculosis) killing themselves like the Trojan horse.