Mother with Stage 4 Lung and Bone Cancer

Posted by Anonymous on 07/16/2011


My mother has been diagnosed stage 4 lung AND bone cancer. Reports say some lung tumors are 1 or 2 inches in diameter and some signs of cancer are in the spine and skull. Three years ago she had colon cancer that was successfully treated/surgery however apparently it had already spread to lungs. She is 63yrs old and despite her oncologist's comments she has faith she can extend her life. Where do we begin with alternative treatments? Have you ever heard of any protocal that anyone has ever tried with any success with both lung and bone cancer?
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Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes, there are a lot of successes with alternative protocols, but I cannot particularly say anything about it because we may be monitored by FDA. I can site specific experience in my postings or the various remissions and things like that. You should find some postings. I have cases which bone metastatis has stopped and he is stage 4, metastatic cancer, lung tumor, colon cancer and bone cancer when I first met him. After 3 months of treatment, it stopped growing for bone cancer, and no more tumors in lung and colon. This is the case that is like your mother.

Much of the problem about the treatment is not the cancer, it was getting the sugar under control and therein lies 97% of the cure rate indirect, based on surveys by Journal of American Medical Association involving cancer cases survival in Korean people. The other thing I would like to comment on is not the treatment itself, most of the problems are trying to stay with the treatment, and if they improved, they still go to chemotherapy and get killed that way. The treatment time for most alternative protocols require a minimum of 3 months to 6 months. Usually after 1 month they continue to self treatment until the tumor disappeared. The secret to faster treatment is to get the 90 mg/dL and dietary controls.


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Where do I find these postings? I am not asking for medical advice, just opinions and information! Please advise... What if I don't have cancer at all and I am just interested in what kind of nutrition/supplementation programs have been used in the past for success.

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07/23/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The best protection against cancer if I don't have cancer is to look at the cause of cancer, mainly avoiding salt (especially common table salt), sugar (found in fructose fruits, and drinks), and vegetable oils (mostly polyunsaturated), and acid forming foods.

These are the things that encourage cancer, especially sugar and salt. If you want to go on supplementation, what I am sure about is fruit extracts without sugar (such as red wine extract) and alpha lipoic acid + acetyl l carnitine, lysine and vitamin C, and occasional iodine foot painting.

One more thing: check your blood sugar regularly, not fasting blood sugar, it is blood sugar 1 hour after meals. If your blood sugar is normal, it is normal. But in pre-diabetes, fasting blood sugar doesn't show, but it will show up after the meals. Then avoid that food. It's really simple.


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Hi Ted, your point well taken from other posts also that a cancer patient must avoid all kind of sugar specially the fruits which have the fructose in them. You suggest that instead of fruit juices one should take veg. Juices. My question is that veg. like Beet Roots, carrots also are sweet, so could you confirm that this sugar is not harmful if a cancer patient takes beet root , carrot and cucumber juice. Thanks, Baldev