Stage 4 Lung Cancer, Questions About Ted's Updated Cancer Remedies

Posted by D. on 01/18/2009

Hello Mr Ted, i emailed you before regarding my husband who has been diagnosed with LUNG CANCER, stage 4, with mets to the spinal bones... I am really interested with your latest cancer remedies...

The cancer has been stable so far as his doctor informed us, thanks to all of your remedies . (Sad to say my husband is not consistent in taking your remedies, if i give it to him, he'll take it)....My husband is taking the oral form of chemo drug the TARCEVA right now... And from APRIL to NOVENBER of 2008, he is so stable no complains... nothing at all.. until he experienced the pain and numbness on his left leg.... so MRI was done and they found a soft mass on his left gluteal muscle, and the doctor ordered for radiation... my husband did not go for it right away because we were scheduled to go home to the Philippines... He complained of severe pain as soon as we were back to the US and he got admitted the following day.... MRI and PET Scan were done, the soft mass got bigger, with hepatic mets now.... and he got his first radiation yesterday (Friday) and one more session today (Saturday)... and his doctor ordered a monday to friday radiation for 2 to 3 weeks..

Mr Ted.... i'm giving him the carbicarb.. 1/4 tsp of baking soda and 1/4 tsp of sodium carbonate (washing soda) twice a day, a pinch of borax and 15 drops of food grade 3% H2O2 a day.... are these enough to counteract the side effects of radiation? I would really appreciate it if you could suggest?recommend something that i might add to these remedies... i really want to try the sodium thiosulfate 10%, but i don't know where to buy or order it, i even went to all the pet shops that i knew, but they don't have it...

Mr Ted, please help me fight the cancer in my husband's body, he is so young, 37y/o, never been a smoker.....

We tried the mapple syrup and the baking soda for at least 7 months from April to Sept, he complained of nausea and feeling bloated when ever he takes the remedy thats why he stopped taking it... do you suggest/recommend to start taking it again?

His latest blood works... with high WBC, low Hgb and Hct,... he's taking the molasses 2tbsp a day.... and his potassium is always on the borderline, it went down to 3.4 so they give him a potassium drip while he's in the hosp.......before his blood works are so stable as if a blood works of a healthy person.... he's taking Vit D3 2400 u twice a day, Vit E 400 u twice a day, Vit C 1000mg twice a day, Zinc 50mg every other day, C Q10 100mg once a day, MVI, lecithin granules 1 tbsp every after meals... and i almost forgot we bought the kangen machine from Enagic and for a year now that we have been drinking the kangen water....

Mr Ted with all of your remedies for cancer... could you please tell me in writing the importance of each remedies so that i could tell or let my husband read it himself... he is young.... so stubborn... but if he starts to feel different thats the time he will ask for your remedies.....

Mr Ted... as i read on the results of the PET Scan... there's a hepatic mets already.. what remedies can i try to prevent my husband's liver from deteriorating.... and that theres a fliud again in his left lung where the cancer is.. and the cancer in his spine are grossly stable....

Mr Ted, my husband's only complaints right now is the pain and numbness on his left leg, he's taking Morphine Sulfate ER 15 mg every 12 hours and Hydrocodone 5/325mg 1-2 tabs q4-6H for the breakthrough pain... he is really in terrible pain without these pain medications... could you suggest/recommend the MSM as i read in the earthclinic site? how often? what dosage? what else can you recommend to ease the pain?

My husband has been battling Lung Cancer for the past 2 years now, ....and thank God that he directed me to search on the internet and found the site of earthclinic....and thanks to you Mr Ted for all your remedies... my husband is still with us...


Replied by Ted
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Dear D.:

We tried the maple syrup and the baking soda for at least 7 months from April to Sept, he complained of nausea and feeling bloated when ever he takes the remedy thats why he stopped taking it... do you suggest/recommend to start taking it again?"

Your instincts proved right. Regardless of how brilliant the idea of maple syrup and baking soda is, it's not that effective. Sugar simply feeds the cancer and "as if" cancer tissue absorbs baking soda killing it doesn't work out that way. The issue is most "slow cancer" are fungus. And if you read your agriculture, an effective fungicide, is as effective using baking soda as compared to potassium bicarbonate or potassium citrate.

This is WHY (in my observation from many other people) that POTASSIUM is always on the borderline. Henceforth, it's always idea to prepare a mixture of baking soda with potasisium citrate for example. The dose is 1/2 teaspoon baking soda PLUS potassium citrate (or potassium bicarbonate) 1/4 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water. In a cancer, the dose is taken fairly frequently such as 4- 6 times a day to control the pain. The reason why I used baking soda is to keep in line with MAINTAINING a normal sodium and potassium ratio.

Gerson Therapy took the extreme by not allowing ANY sodium into the diet concentrating only of potassium. This can lead to heart stoppage from lack of sodium. My approach is more naturally keeping in line with maintaining a normal sodium AND potassium ratio at the very least.

The other critical cancer remedy I used, especially in cases of low blood pressure, is alway the sea salt! sea salt! sea salt! The body seems to require a much larger amounts of sea salt to maintain its immunity. Even though no doctors bother to tell you why saline I.V. is used, I have found a sea salt, which contains other minerals too is quite useful in seeing improvements from cancerous condition. It seems to discourage opporunistic growth.

For a liver condition, it's always about lecithin, in helping detoxify the liver. The dosage is 1 tablespoon x 3 times a day before meal. However because a liver problem, another addition I found is helpful, such as 1000 mcg of selenium supplements. It also has antifungal properties.

Certain tumors are significantly reduced and is required if tumor is noted. Hence the importance of sanguinaria tincture (40% bloodroot in 60% ethyl alcohol or vodka). In case of a pain a drop of clove oil well stirred, in a full glass of water is taken can also helped reduce some of those pain. To prevent cancer from spreading I have found BHT (butylated hydroxyltoluene) to be most helpful. In fact the three most important supplements aside from alkalization is BHT, bloodroot tincture, and the newer azoxystrobin to be most helpful. A bloodroot tincture of 2-3 drops x 3 or x 4 times a day is most helpful in reducing tumor size within a week or two.

There is a couple of things to reduce radiation. Iodine, sodium thiosulfate and methylene blue. Sodium thiosulfate is often referred to as a dechlorinator in aquarium fish shops, but they often don't label them. However the internet do sell this and is used in drops. The sodium thiosulfate 10% solution can be prepared by buying them in kilograms from a swimming pool supplier is what one reader did. As for me I buy from a chemical supplier, but during my teens studying photography in High school, I bought a "HYPO" from a cameral supplier, which is also a sodium thiosulfate crystals. Lugol's solution, such as 1 - 3 drops are dissolved in water once a day also is helpful.

One of the dangers of radiation or a chemotherapy is that if it kills your immune system, the cancer will worsen. The key is not to take large dose whereby damaging the body's natural immunity.

Pain is the key problem in a cancer and alkalization, and azoxystrobin to be useful. While a tumor, a bloodroot. And to prevent spread BHT is most useful. Sea salt is always used and cannot be forgotten. The dose for sea salt a day is about 1/4 teaspoon x 3 in a glass of water. If it causes headaches, potassium citrate or potassium bicarbonate 1/4 teaspoon will stop that headaches, but may cause loose stool, which in this case helps detoxify the body reducing the toxic load.

I am sure I barely covered this issue but these I think are most helpful.