Natural Treatment for Lung Cancer

Posted by J (Anonymous) on 02/08/2012

Hi Ted, I've read many of your posts at EarthClinic while my mother-in-law (56 years old) has been misdiagnosed with various things. Finally her lungs were x-rayed and diagnosis was lung cancer, but no treatment arranged and no brain scan done. Three days went by before a doctor even came back to check on her.

By this time she's in a lot of pain (head) and we can guess that it's brain metastases. I have to annoy the nurses to get some pain relief and finally she has morphine but still pain. The doctor confirms brain metastases but still no scan done to determine how many/how big or think about treatment options.

She is left to die in the hospital bed with no options for managing the cancer and the doctor walks away leaving her family with no information, and no idea how soon she might die or how long she might in fact live and how we can help her. I'm trying to get her moved to Had Yai hospital for a chance of some treatment.

If you have any advice at all, I would greatly appreciate it. She is much loved by her seven children, the youngest only 16. She hasn't been able to eat for a while (negative finding for oesophagus) and has a drip. Her family were actually giving her red syrup drink and milk but now understand there must be no sugar given.

Thanks so much for your time.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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No morphine, it causes cancer to spread, it does so by suppressing the immune system. The preferred medicine is buprenorphine. B50 is the preferred supplement to get out of loss of appetite, as well as digestive enzymes. Vitamin C also, and low dose naltrexone to reduce the effects of morphine, but cannot take any morphine. Common causes of lung cancer are fungal in nature, but they are also viral in which case they will spread with radiation, x rays, and chemotherapy. Most hospitals have the same kind of training, it doesn't matter what hospitals you go to, they go for mainstream medicine.