Needed Advice for Muscular Sclerosis

I would like to know if you have something for Muscular Sclerosis? I walk with a cane for outdoors and when I'm inside the house I walk with a limp.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Much of the treatment centers on what causes Muscular Sclerosis. Three well known causes are nutritional deficiency, toxic metals and mycoplasma. Based on these, we treat the cause.

Nutritional deficiency. There are stories about people on wheelchairs who cannot walk because of muscular atrophy. In that case you might try vitamin D4 (if you can't find than then D3 or D2). Just take about 20,000 I.U. for about a month then take it every 3 days on the second month. You should see the results on the second month. The other issue concerns taking selenium supplements everyday as they have shown that MS in monkeys were cured taking selenium.

The second issue is toxic metals, but unfortunately most people remove the heavy metals the wrong way. The best way I found is to take 1/2 cup of fresh chinese parsley (coriander) for an entire month at least. This will remove the toxic metals which strips the myelin sheaths in the brain. When toxic metals are removed, the brain will function normally. Therefore it is important to avoid fluoride toothpastes, canola oil, margarine, fried foods, monosodium glutamate, and other bad chelating treatments such as BAL, DPMS, and DMSA. If you have a toothfilling amalgam. YOU MUST REMOVE THAT. The mercury is causing the problem. You will see improvement after removal and taking cilantro, within the next day!

The third issue is mycoplasma. These thrive on heavy toxic metals and they from some kind of symbiosis with a virus/bacteria which makes MS. To destroy them is difficult, but I used a biological terrain. You will like this treatment because it tastes good. Take one teaspoon of baking soda, add one teaspoon of citric acid to a 1/2 glass of water. Wait for a minute and drink it everyday. Based on my most recent experiments (just today), this formula will optimized blood oxygen to maximum, and destroys mycoplasma by oxygenation.

This is the simplest treatment I can think of for MS. Other people told me they were cured using colloidal gold. Yes, you can get results with that, apparently colloidal gold displaces mercury inside your body too. Some people even used gold salts, but that is another story.