Supplements Help Repair the Myelin?

Posted by Pam

Am just curious, do these supplements actually help repair the myelin ? What if there is a lesion which is causing impairment of nerve conduction? Anything help that?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Sulfur rich compounds, in particular, MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) will help provide the nutrients necessary to allow rebuilding of myelin sheaths. It is important to drink balanced electrolyte solution such as sports drink or electrolyte salts (I prefer a much more advanced mammalian saline solution - but it is out of reach for most consumers). Electrolyte salts will help restore or at least normalize the body's electrical systems and restore as well as repair the neural damages.

Of course Dr. Robert O. Becker "The Body Electric" found taking colloidal silver and of course adding some colloidal gold, will help the body regenerate cellular damaged parts for rebuilding. It may take about a month to notice this effect of course. For some reason the presence of silver and gold causes cells to revert to stem cells (dedifferentiation of cells) whenever there is a presence of silver colloids in the blood. I prefer a silver: gold colloid mixture myself, perhaps a 10:1 ratio. However you are free to try to see what ratio works best for you. I have seen dramatic improvements from brain damage using these, but of course I also recommended them using smart drugs during the course as well, in particular taking hydergine and piracetam together. A good substitute for piracetam might be a more natural L-pyroglutamate.

Just remember that you must avoid taking aspartame, monosodium glutamate, and stay away from insecticide in particular, organophosphates. These prevent eventual recovery. Try to sleep in beds that DO NOT HAVE bed springs, metals, and radio clocks within at least 3 meters away from the body. They seem to worsen recovery.