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Posted by HL (Singapore) on 02/03/2014

Hi Ted

Greeting from Singapore!

I came across your posting via Earth clinic since last Oct and have been using your Alkaline sodium bicarbonate formula for my sickness. I thank God for your widom on Chemistry towards health.

Being contacted NMO ( neuromyelitis optica) on 2012-Jun and have second relapsed on last Mar 2013, after reading your posting on ALS (autoimmune )and trying out low dose LDN(3ml )from last Oct till now, I am better (stop taking the Cellcept -suppressive immune)

However, my upper back still has the MS hug ( and dull pain) due to the attack near the spinal.I have been taking MSM-2g/day/yeast selenium-200mg/day/sodium ascorbate-1g/day/Lysine-1g/day/taurine-g/day(vitD/omega3/Bcomplex/B12methy) and Lyrica.It seems the Hug still did not go away.(still has mild tinging leg)

If you can advise, would appreciate very much.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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LDN is used for body to produce endorphin. As far as MS is probably a corkscew bacteria. Haven't found the cure but the used for rife frequencies seemed to work. I visited Singapore just a month back of over 20 clients with various problems. The rife I used in endorphin frequencies. I can treat most patients to the point of remedy being very hard to find that i have to make them myself and hence beyond layman's term. I believe it should respond to taurine chloramine or variations of that. I would however try beta glucan in larger amounts. And Singapore diet is too oily and sugar which must be avoided. Ted

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh

I'm not Ted but I'd like to add that if you are experiencing muscle spasms with the MS, it is advised to go to a 3mg dose, instead of 4.5mg. per day. The 3 mg still works for the MS and reduces muscle spasms in MS.