Use in Conjunction with Conventional Medicine?

Posted by Samanatha (Atlanta) on 07/26/2006

I have an sister who was diagnosed with MS about 6 years ago. I was wondering if these holistic treatments can be used in conjuction with any and all treatments she is using through her medical doctors, or will one hinder the effects of the other. I would love to share this information with her but am not sure she would be willing to drop her current treatments to try something that she is not sure about?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Samantha: Most alternative medicine can be done without the need for dropping any current treatment she is currently undergoing. For example, eating right, vitamin supplements, oral chelation, fish oils, or even Edgar Cayce's Wet Cell to balance the vibration necessary to help MS. In fact Dudley Delaney was cured of MS using Edgar Cayce's treatment and has recently wrote a book on it. I have seen some with MS was even helped by energy healing, chiropractors and homeopaths. The most important step is to study various treatment open to you.