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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/24/2005 383 posts

This might be an update on two things. One a cure for MS seen in mice study using curcumin. Another is the cure for demyelenization seen in the movie "Lorenzo's Oil". In both instances Curcumin was used. It is a popular spice here in Thailand and yes, MS here in Thailand is quite rare, despite the fact that selenium is not that abundant here.

Here is the article:
Health_and_Healing Curcumin helpful in multiple sclerosis model

Six hundred and eighty-eight studies, more than 400 of them published within the last four years, confirm curcumin's remarkable anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. In particular, within the last year several studies have shown curcumin's potential as a neuroprotective agent:

Epidemiological studies showing that in elderly Indian populations, among whose diet turmeric is a common spice, levels of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's are very low.

A November 2001 study conducted at the Departments of Medicine and Neurology at the University of California, Los Angeles reported curcumin slows the progression of Alzheimer's in mice. In the most recent study, curcumin was shown to exert significant protection against multiple sclerosis.

Researchers gave injections of 50- and 100-microgram doses of curcumin, three times per week over a period of 30 days, to a group of mice bred to develop the experimental form of MS known as EAE, and then watched the mice for signs of developing MS-like neurological impairment.

By day 15, those mice who had not received curcumin developed EAE to such an extent that they displayed complete paralysis of both hind limbs. In contrast, mice given the 50-microgram dose of the curcumin showed only minor symptoms, such as a temporarily stiff tail. And mice given the 100-microgram dose fared best of all; they appeared completely unimpaired throughout the 30 days of the study.

The doses of curcumin that protected the mice against the development of EAE were roughly equivalent in human terms to those found in a typical Indian diet. In Asian countries, such as India and China, where foods spiced with curcumin-containing spices like turmeric are common fare, reports of MS are extremely rare. Just how curcumin might work to prevent demyelinization remains unclear, but researchers at Vanderbilt University believe curcumin may interrupt the production of IL-12, a protein that plays a key role in the destruction of the myelin by signaling for the development of neural antigen-specific Th1 cells, immune cells that then launch an attack on the myelin sheath. The typical recommended dosage for curcumin in multiple sclerosis is 200 to 400 milligrams one to three times a day (usually with an equivalent amount of bromelain to enhance absorption).

References: Natarajan C, Bright JJ. Curcumin inhibits experimental allergic encephalomyelitis by blocking IL-12 signaling through Janus kinase-STAT pathway in T lymphocytes.

J Immunol 2002;168(12):6506-13. Natarajan C, Bright JJ. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma agonists inhibit experimental allergic encephalomyelitis by blocking IL-12 production, IL-12 signaling and Th1 differentiation.

Genes Immun 2002;3(2):59-70. 2003



01/07/2005: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "A well known treatment for MS is the use of selenium supplements in the form of selenium yeasts only. It seems MS is a selenium deficiency. You may check additional information from a naturapath Doctor Wallach, where he successfully treated MS using selenium, in his book "Rare Earths". Anyway, as I have mentioned, selenium works in synergy with N-Acetylcysteine, but also works in synergy with vitamins E, C, and A, but ESPECIALLY N-Acetylcysteine and Vitamins E.

However, MS MAY BE CURED using vibrational medicine as mentioned by Edgar Cayce. By allowing electricity to go through the body after passing a solution, say Gold Chloride solution, the body should be healed. There is a case history of a man named Dudley Delany who successfully cured himself of MS using this method. He liked it so much, he created a website detailing the treatment of Edgar Cayce. The website now no longer exists but I did backup his website in my hard disk somewhere. He has since published a book on this. The method is to use wet cell appliance. I once saw his picture and he looks like in his 30s but his actual age is something like in the 60s, so it might be some kind of anti-aging medicine here also.

My opinion of MS besides the obvious selenium deficiency is the less obvious sulfur deficiency, which can be supplemented by MSM and/or DMSO. MSM is better tolerated however. For some reason or another selenium and sulfur works in synergy and what's so strange is MS, for some reason has some connections with people who take too much vaccine or have a reaction to vaccines which contains mercury. Selenium and sulfur are well known in detoxifying mercury. Perhaps alternating treatments with EDTA (maybe IV) before starting the selenium and sulfur supplementation might work. Of course, EDTA is used for lead poisoning but it does take out heavy metals and not exclusive only to lead, which is a little known information.

Replied by Linda
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Hi! Please be advised that "The Edgar Cayce Way of Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: Vibratory Medicine" may be read online without cost or obligation by visiting www.webspawner.com Thanks, and have a great day With best wishes, Dudley Delany R.N. , M.A. , D.C. Source: Minimum Price archives
Dudley Delany R.N. , M.A. , D.C. (pre-2006)"

04/12/2011: Ian from Toronto, Ontario, CA replies: "In my opinion, it would be wise to try the Cayce approach to dealing with MS. I have used some Cayce information over the years to my benefit. I have recovered from fibromyalgia following his methods and thank God he recorded his readings, they are a help.

Replied by Angelina
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Thank you for that info Linda! I'm researching this for a friend. Ian in Toronto, Could you please offer me some of your favorite sources for Cayce studies? I'm very interested in knowing more about his treatments for various things. My health (and my daughter's) could use a little help as well. Cayce was quite rare, gifted, and intuitive...

Replied by Dr R.k.khatri
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Dear Forum Members, I am treating one child of 15 months for Myyathesia gravis. The treatment is given for 2 months with European Fulvic acid and Colloidal silver and copper.

In 2 months the result is 50% improvement with child.

Regards, Dr R.K.Khatri

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Hi there, All MS sufferers should read this information here:


So my hunch was correct it is a disease caused by a Pathogen! Don't be fooled by those tow-the-line, do-nothing-Doctors, and do something to help cure yourself! It is your life and not theirs so don't listen to them, because they won't pay the price, but you will! No wonder why LDN and Sovereign Silver work against this entity, it's because it's A Foreign Intruder! Get well by stamping it out!