When You Start to Heal Where Do You Start

Posted by Robin (Fort Plain, NY) on 09/29/2006

Question -- out of all the sites that i have been reading yours is definately the best overall!!! thank you so much. my question is this, when you start to heal where do you start? my whole body is plugged up. i was first diagnosed with ms and at this point the nerves are short circuiting, the lymph is congested, liver, basically all organs. there is heavy metal build up so brain is shorting alot. what would the procedure? where do i start first? metals, colon, lumph, i don't want to start a f is a should be done first. please, i am quite desperate at this point. i feel like i am totally shutting down and very rattled. thank you for your time.robin marie

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It is strange that many inquiries including yours lately have a lot to do with my recent research on ORP (oxidation reduction potential) and the free radical heavy metals that just sticks like glue in your body.

You probably have the best description that I have ever seen for your conditions. Whenever the whole system is congested, it is as if the blood cells and everything just becamed glued together.

When this happens your body's ionic imbalance has simply lost its colloidal charges. Most proteins, and other nutrients simply can't get suspended in your body's solution and therefore become clogged. There are many ways in which your body can loose its charge:

1. Eating food high in positive charges, which obviously means free radical heavy metals, or water with chlorine, and other imbalances. These will destroy the suspension of proteins in your body and hence become clogged up.

2. Taking medicine with an oxidative reduction potential with a strong positive charge. This is where your ORP meter will tell you. Taking too many foods, water, medicine with a high positive ORP, could ultimately cause the body to become congested.

3. If you travel in cars, trucks and especially airplane, your body immediately acquires positive ORP. You can easily see this most readily when you sit on airplane. Now I haven't had the luxury of being able to sit in airplanes for at least 16+ years now to measure the ORP of the body in travelling vehicle. However, in aviation meteorology, a cloud have average positive charge of about 1 amps and when a plane travels through clouds, it acquires a huge positive electrostatic charge. As a result the body becomes excessively clogged up and causes a heart attack to what we now referred to as the "economy class syndrome". I should know, I can sit for two hours and don't feel clogged up sitting in the office, but can easily feel that within an hour when I am inside a plane. But don't bother finding websites on this cause, you won't find it. I guess websites don't have a clue or they just didn't bother writing up this issue!

Whatever the cause,

Biologically, your body's system when it sees the positive charge, the body's defense mechanism immediately detects this as a tissue injury and immediately the clotting mechanism hit full speed, especially YOUR SPECIFIC organs that had the greatest positive charges.

Assuming you are in a moving airplane as it acquires huge positive charge, the part of your body that has the most positive charge is the grounding - your feet. This is why the blood becomes so clogged up around the legs. Then, if it reaches your heart you die. One possible cure is to shield your foot from the plane as it acquires positive electrical charge and drink a strong akaline form of vitamin C. (or just take ascorbic acid plus magnesium hydroxide or ascorbic acid plus sodium bicarbonate, or ascorbic acid plus any alkaline formulas, such as citrates or bicarbonates.

Now that you get my idea, let's go to your conditions. You are obviously having intestines, liver, stomach, and other organs feeling clogged up. In this instance, your body detects a huge positive (oxidizing) charge where ORP is very high. In this case, the cause for you condition obviously come from the food you eat since they are congested. The treatment would be very simple, just restore your ORP to reducing by taking twice a day:

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of ascorbic acid, plus one glass of water. If possible add 3-5 drops sodium thiosulfate 10% solution before you begin mixing to reduce the chlorine in your water and a tiny pinch of borax to chelate out the fluorides.

When you take ORP with a strong reducing potential, the free heavy metals that sticks like glue to your organs immediately looses its positive electrical charges as the ORP with a negative charge is counteracted. As a result, it swims through your blood vessels and goes out safely in the feces and urine. You might wonder why I am not recommending baking soda plus citric acid here. This is because your issue is both a pH problem but ORP is a more serious issue.

To deal with your problems of shorting out in the brain, this is simply too much metals in your body. They come from the obvious. Chlorinated and fluoridate water. Frying pans, cooking utensils ALL have metals. Therefore 250 mg./day of oral EDTA should help chelate out the heavy metals. And drink plenty of water with a negative ORP water.

Basically you need to restore your pH, ORP, and chelate out heavy metals. This is basically where you should begin. Always drink water not just one meal but every meal, where you mix vitamin C (ascorbic acid powder preferably) with generous portions baking soda, or ascorbic acid with magnesium hydroxide and potassium citrate, for example. How much of each? Try this way: about 250 mg/per dose of vitamin C add enough of the alkaline baking soda, and/or magnesium hydroxide and/or potassium citrate until the pH reaches about 8 or 9. Most healthy SPA springs have pH is about 8-9 anyway. So I guess we are close.

Cannot provide more detail now, and you can email me for details later due to limited time today.