Pre-diabetic Prevention

Posted by Cynthia (Washington, DC) on 12/24/2007

My boyfriend has been told by his doctor that he is "prediabetic." he is in his late 50's. What can we do to help this situation?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I have been pre-diabetics many times too and was cured or at least by reduction of urinary sugar were near normal by doing certain things I found helpful. I do by the way almost regularly check my urinary sugar using the brix refractometer, not the best, but it helps me to know what foods or supplements is causing my near diabetes and find a suitable way to get my near diabetes into nearly complete remission.

However it should be noted that some effective remedies I used are not easily found and you may do quite a bit of search before finding them, but here it is:

1. Sodium vanadate (vanadium) I mixed about 200 mg of sodium vanadate in my one liter of drinking water, well shaken. It would seem, and this is supported by research that adding some hydrogen peroxide 3%, such as 5-10 drops per liter helps. It took only just 5 days to get a near normal urinary sugar, but perhaps I was taken the unsweetened cocoa too.

The most interesting part about the sodium vanadate is that even after I don't take it the urinary sugar is still normal. It has a lingering or long term effect despite discontinuing taking the sodium vanadate.

I have experimented with various remedies to get or reduce blood sugar, such as cinnamon (little effect -just increases insulin sensitivity), chromium (the dose sold in the market is too low, and taking more was not that effective), as well as many other supplements recommended by authorities.

By trial and error I found vanadium to be the most effective. The key it seems as you get older, the beta cells in the pancreas dies off old age and not regenerated, and hence I had to find some way to regenerate them to some extent, which I found to be vanadium (about 200 mg) and niacinamide B3 (200-300 mg).

If I were to mention the single biggest factor that reduced my urinary sugar, it would have to be the vanadium and some weekly small piece of unsweetened cocoa, from baking chocolate. Its the high flavonoids were even found by Japanese researchers to reduce blood sugar. They were right. There was this one day I ate chocolate, which I was hoping to raise the urinary sugar, but it caused to lower them that I was amazed on several occasions, and I can safely say the ORAC (measurement of antioxidant) scale now has a meaning, especially the story about the 256 year old man who took chinese wolfberries and ginseng (yes, they reduce blood sugar, but the price is prohibitive).

2. Avoid aspartame. I was recently (about 3 weeks ago) sick of a deadly cold virus, but luckily it didn't kill me, but it did caused be to become diabetic and the virus inflammed my pancreas causing pancreatitis. The virus apparently attacked healthy cells, but in my case it also attacked the pancreas, causing the urinary sugar to go sky high.

In desperation, I wanted to get rid of the viruses, so I took some N Acetyl Cysteine, 500 mg. Apparently that was a mistake, as the ingredient had aspartame as a sweetener, which caused my urinary sugar to become diabetic. Apparently the aspartame degenerate with the body's enzyme the chymotrypsin, to break down into a toxic methanol alcohol, which caused further damaged to glandular organs, such as the pancreas. The methanol always does that to me. So a simple remedy against toxic methanol for most would be the vinegar and baking soda, to resolve the inflammation caused by methanol, but that didn't work and needed to find some thing else, which turned out to be black unsweetened chocolate and vanadium.

3. Eat some unsweetened black chocolate, about one teaspoon once a week, and some lecithin. What did work to reverse my urinary sugar was actually eating some unsweetened chocolate, plus some lecithin, 1 tablespoon for each meal. That helped, but bigger helped were noticed when I started taking the vanadium.

4. The vitamin B1 thiamine and sometimes B3 niacinamde were also helpful against the methanol toxins, peripheral circulation, diabetic neuropathy and that helped to some extent, along with B50 to help with the sugar levels. This I don't need to take everyday, perhaps just twice a week just to prevent a deficiency. B1 is what I take most often.

5. Taurine. This I found was helpful to some extent, but it works the best taken before you sleep. Upon awakening my urinary sugar were near normal, but the taurine amino acid I used was 4000 mg, was mixed in water before sleep.

I have actually tried a great many supplements to find what works, but these 5 were what helped me the most, especially the vanadium. Chromium seems to have limits.

The cure of a diabetes in my opinion needs the pancreas beta cells to be regenerated, and the only thing I found that has some qualities of this came mostly from the vanadium. Dark chocolate was the second most effective due to extremely high flavonoids, and I believe that it was the cocoa or chocolate that has the second highest antioxidant level of food only next to Chinese Wolfberries using the ORAC scale. Lecithin were third place on its effectiveness tying closely with Taurine.

However these remedies to work I am assuming that I don't have a manganese, zinc or magnesium deficiency, and my body is already properly alkalized with baking soda with lemon, or just baking soda. Without sufficient manganese, zinc or magnesium, the beta cells can also get destroyed or it's efficiency in producing insulin may not be as good.

In the long run, people get old (just my theory) from glycation and free radical heavy metals. Therefore, anti glycating supplements includes L-Carnosine as the most important and chlorella and chinese supplements to reduce free heavy metals. If the free heavy metals are high, it produces a constant stream free radicals which damages the glands that controls the blood sugar, but it can also affect the adrenal glands, which produces DHEA.

I have found from time to time, the DHEA prevent me from being "moon face", which is usually a sign of adrenal insufficiency, but also seemed to help certain pre-diabetic condtions that I found synergistic with 100 mg of alpha lipoic acid. One reason why a woman bulges after her 30 years and six months was the DHEA reduction, and by the time she reaches her 32 or 33rd birthday, the urinary sugar goes up. DHEA was taken only once every two week, and the vanadium is taken once or twice a month as a preventive. That prevented the "bulge", which I found was a also a pre-diabetic too.