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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 12/23/2010 391 posts

What caused diabetes. A response from one of my private emails....

The cause of diabetes is relatively simple: sugar and oil. The cure is also as simple. Now let's discuss the fad diets that works, once you know the true cause, you know that it is an elaboration of those two simple principles.

Some people who tried to cure diabetes go relatively off tangent and tell you that eating raw food works. Yes, it usually works because raw food doesn't entail the use of oils in cooking. But raw food is not the answer because you can end up eating fruit. But some raw food experts say no fruits, so that works too. Then there is the diet called the low glycemic diet, called the South pacific diet that works, unfortunately they don't work all the time and you can still become diabetic, because oils, mostly from vegetable oils just was overlooked. Then there is a Atkin's diet. Eating meats will get your blood sugar down because they don't contain carbs that caused diabetes. But this overlooks the key fact that oils is still used in cooking. The low glycemic diets overlooked the fact that no sugar are alike. Fructose bypasses your insulin, because insulin merely controls blood glucose. So you have a backdoor sugar to damage your system!

As to the reason why oils cause diabetes is relatively simple: oils blocks cellular respiration and CANNOT utilize the sugar in the blood plasma. So you have to have a lot of sugar in your blood plasma to get inside the cells. The cells become more anaerobic and less aerobic, because it blocks cellular respiration. If you put a thin film of oil in a bath tub or aquarium, the fish and the mosquito larva immediately dies, because oil blocks the oxygen needed for life. Oil reduces respiration. Once it is reduced, the body simply cannot burn the sugar, so you end up with excess sugar.

The worse oils are the vegetable oils because they get easily absorbed, contains long chain triglycerides which are very difficult to digest, because they ARE long chain. The coconut oils generally speaking has 50% Medium chain triglycerides and provides a back door energy mechanism called the ketone bodies that cells can burn WITHOUT the sugar. So it is a back door to energy without the use of carbs. It also prevents constipation. Try it, your stools is guaranteed to be soft. And I know this from many clients in ICU or people on long term patient care. It always works. You generally won't need any more laxative, but you still need to be alkalized and get your electrolytes in balanced.

The REASON why I used lecithin is remarkably easy. It emulsifies fat to be water soluble so THAT alone increases cellular respiration and oils no longer in the way and once they are oil are water soluble, the body can get rid of it easier. Sugar are burned more easier if there is enough cellular respiration. Oils blocks hormone signals that tells the cell what to do. If they got nothing to do, because they receive no signals, they cannot burn the sugar.


Replied by Mike
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Ted, does consuming LARGE amount of food that are know to reduce blood sugar potentially solve the problem of excess sugar in the body ? examples are green tea, cinnamon, Avocado and so on. That might explain why when I eat these type of food in large quantities, I usually never experience and real craving for sugar between meals. Can this in the long run be a cure against diabetes ? Thanks

Replied by J
Bryan, Tx

I don't know if I'll get a response, but here goes: I read everyone of the postings here. None related to Type I Diabetics and any result of ACV with them. I have Type I Diabetes since age 16, I am now 57. Anyone had any result from using the ACV? It seems that Type II always have remedies with results. Anyone?

Replied by Slowjoe7
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi Ted, everybody, i came to CANADA from easter Europe and we used to cook with pork fat(lard) swithing to oil. I was diagnosed 12 years ago with diabetes type 2. For about 10 years I managed my diabetes with phisical work and at the begining chromium garcinia cambodia. I am still doing phisical work but my blood sugar jumped lately at 17 barely going down to 15

It is high. I started increasing the medication but contrary to almost dayly evening exersising and morning phisical work I need some help. I was taking metformin 1 1 and for few days now 2 2 BSL are still high.

We are willing to change cooking habits. Wat kind of oil to use or to go back to lard?I have no problem with colesterol, I would realy need some help here. Thank you

Replied by Ti
Houston, Tx, Usa

I succesffuly used green veggie juice every morning (1 pint daily) to lower my blood sugar levels.
- Juice organic
- 1 big cucumber
- 1 entire stalk celery
- handful parsley
- 1/2 inch cube ginger
- 1/2 juice of lemon

Drink freshly squeezed juice with 1 tablespoon flax oil and notice how your sugar levels balance out within 2-3 months. Do this juicing at 4pm if you would like to maintain a balanced sugar level through the day, but it is essential to have this first thing in the morning everyday to manage stable insulin levels.

Hope this helps.

Replied by Vinaigrette
San Francisco, Ca, Us

Hi, I wonder if you can comment on the recent Stanford research about Type 2 diabetes being an autommune reaction and what might be some good natural ways to cure or at least help it. I have recently become diabetic after years of having Lyme disease and being on a candida (low-carb) diet. I'm not overweight. I think antifungals may have contributed to the diabetes because when I took them, I became very sensitive to foods and would get pain when I ate sugar and some other foods. I was also on antibiotics for a while (months not years, in fact, maybe I still have Lyme from inadequate treatment). I do think leaky gut plays a part. I take probiotics, ACV, thyroid and other supplements. I have not been perfect in my diet, I admit. I'm at a loss of what to do now. I now am eating almost no carbs at all. I would like to reverse the diabetes (and get rid of my CFIDS too which is my dx; I call it chronic Lyme). I use olive oil and coconut oil and avoid vegetable oil. I do sometimes eat in restaurants so I'm probably getting some vegetable oil there. I wonder how strict one has to be--should I never eat out?

Also, the SCD diet says you can have yogurt to heal your gut, and Dr. Galland says homemade yogurt is OK. I have never tested as sensitive to dairy, and I don't react to it but I'm aware that casein is a culprit in leaky gut. Still, I don't understand then why SCD allows SCD yogurt if casein is that bad. I'm inclined to keep eating yogurt for the probiotics and to make my own SCD yogurt (it ferments longer to get rid of the lactose).

I'd love to know if other with Lyme or messed-up gut bacteria have gotten diabetes. A study I read about said people with diabetes could be recognized just by their gut bacteria, which lacks butyrates.

Thanks for your help.


Replied by steven

So basically eating a low or no sugar diet...with relatively low levels of fat and that fat should be coconut oil...somehow the ketone bodies of coconut 'oil" are digested easier and provide energy without sugar and without clogging the cells (or at least mot as much?)...this should allow insulin to work properly,,,,, any more details around this answer would be appreciated because this post is now 11 years old. Thanks, Steve