Kidney Stones Led to Diabetes

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 07/23/2011

Hi TED, I have been following your threads since long back. I want your opinion about my daughter. She is 27 year old now. She had kidney stones in both of the kidneys at the age of 21. Now there are no stones. But at that time her sugar level increased in the blood. Doctor said that this is because of the stone, once stone will be removed then the sugar level will automatically go to normal. She had lithotripsy and after that sugar level goes to absolutely normal. But at the age of 24 she had severe chicken pox all over the body. After few months she was diagnosed with diabetes. She is taking medications, her left hand goes numb for 10 secs when she wakes up in the morning. We wanted to normalize her glucose level naturally. Any kind of suggestion will be helpful for her. Thanks in advance!

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The fact is she had some pre-diabetic conditions already, but the present medical system doesn't recognized it. Without going into details why, you have to measure her sugar after meals. That gets higher then average person and it makes calcium dissolved 20 times easier and leave her bones. And then it forms stones. Once the kidney is blocked, be it stones, or protein buildup (undigested protein), high blood pressure, the kidney does not function, combine that with constipation, and you get blood sugar very high.

The one thing that causes diabetes that is not recognized by present medical systems is a virus, which is present in her system, especially the pancreas, which is why she has diabetes. Never mind about type 1 or type 2, the presence of the virus is what eats up her pancreas. The virus is still there, but it's not in the bloodstream, its in her pancreas, I have found in the thyroid (imagine what happens there!), spinal column and the brain. They rarely go there, but once in, the immune system can't reach it.

The best defenses to get rid of a virus (nearly any virus) is 4 times a day 1000 mg x 4 hourly dose in morning and 1000 x 3 hourly dose in evening of lysine and 500 mg x 4 for threonine in morning and 500 mg x in evening. This is done over 4 to 5 days, thereafter reducing the dose to 3 a day. At the same time the immune system must pick up and see it. So we start off with andrographis paniculata on the second day, 500 mg once a day for four days, at least. To prevent them reproducing (there are several), I might add
elderberry 500 mg twice a day for a month. To prevent stones from forming, I use stonebreaker (phyllanthus niruri, or phyllanthus amarus), which is also antiviral. Finally, vitamin C taken 500 x 4 times a day would be sufficient taken for a month. And I would use just 1 drop of aloe vera oil taken internally for an entire month, this helps regeneration. Most people with diabetes in Thailand have a similar pattern of chicken pox either by the pregnant mother or early chicken pox of the child in weakened immune status, or immunization when the baby is less than one year old, or gets a chicken pox or viral infection with weakened immune status. Yes, the viruses are alive in those vaccines and you injected them with this, it makes the weakened virus ever so strong in a new medium.

To resolve diabetes I might need N acetyl Cysteine 250 mg, and alpha lipoic acid. Both of these (and aloe vera) will help regeneration of pancreas much like stem cells, but without the cancer causing effects of the stem cells.