Threonine, Ginger on Diabetic Diet

Posted by A (Bangladesh) on 12/26/2011

Dear Sir, Thank you for your medical advice you have advise me to take "Threonine", what is it? Is this a synthetic medicine or herbal medicine. Please specify me clearly...

Since, I am Diabetic patient, I'm taking Equal/Splenda with my daily Tea intake. You advise me to take ginger, should I take it Raw or make a paste of ginger??

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Splenda and Equal would make the diabetes much worse. Use Stevia or pure xylitol powder with nothing other than this added instead. Take at least gymnema sylvestre 400 mg x 2 a day would get your sugar to normal. The full name is L Threonine, which is an amino acid, one of the essential amino acids that deals with the permeability of renal, sweat glands, and intestinal, and therefore helps the body excrete toxic substances and helps nutrient absorption. Any form of ginger but I prefer raw, but any will do to prepare a tea, it prevents lipid peroxidation, in other words your kidneys from getting rotted. Check your urinary pH, make sure the pH is 7, not below 6.5, the Splenda, or Equal makes your kidneys fail that way. Stay away from sweet fruits, such as grapefruit, pomelo, bananas, etc. they contain fructose and makes the kidneys worse in blood sugar, despite the low glycemic index, in fact glycemic index is useless if you have diabetes, I don't see any use for them and I don't use it. I'd rather use urinary Brix at 1.5% or blood sugar at below 90 mg/dL is my standard.