Neuropathy Pain Relief?

Posted by A Reader

My friend who is diabetic has a lot of neuropathy pain... all over. What would you recommend to reduce his pain? His diabetes began as boy and he became blind at 21 years. At this point, he said it "feels as though the cartilage is gone". He's 42 yrs now and is soon to be remarried. It would be great if he could get some relief for the honeymoon. Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If the cartilage is a problem than eat regularly 2 cups of oatmeal on an empty stomach twice a day. Supplement yourself with 250-500 mg of magnesium chloride. Magnesium of the type I prefer may be a bit harder to find but this is the one I found to be most bioavailable and effective.

Diabetic conditions should be reduce by taking lecithin everyday but the preferred kind is the granulated lecithin, to be taken along with the food you eat. Lecithin will handle most of the diabetic conditions you are experiencing. It is important to take brewer's yeast 2000 mg/day as it is rich in chromium also.

The body NEEDS to regenerate the cartilage. To do this, if you can find one is to supplement yourself with a 200 ppm colloidal silver. If you can't find it than, I guess 5 ppm will do. To prevent undue effects of constipation caused by charged silver ALWAYS add 2-3 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide to the colloidal silver products which you buy.

A newer more fanciful way of regeneration is to apply zinc powder (1/2 square inches) to the legs and extremities as well as the area or point where cartilage needs to regenerate. You can tell whether this works or not by applying overnight. The pain will reduce by a large amounts the next day. To prevent staining caused by zinc powder, just cover it with the use of bandaid. This is scientifically proven to work, but you still need to see if it works for you or not.