Chlorella and Cilantro

Posted by PD on 05/31/2007

Why do some not suggest chlorella as if it causes metals that are in hiding to come out and deposit in a worse location? A lot of holistic doctors say chlorella and cilantro work well for removing metals. Some say it causes the metals to be displaced and metals are not eliminated properly and could actually make them go into areas that would be worse than where they are hidden. The metallic taste I had is gone thank goodness. I still am kind of wondering why it happened. If it is from having a copper overload, what exactly should I do to keep copper from accumulating? I think it was just something in the pudding though maybe too much artificial things. Im not too sure though. Thank you for helping me!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It is easy to tell whether chelators work or not, if you have a heavy metal kits for urine, it shows up. But when removing too much the metals increase too much load for the body to remove. This is why chlorella is used for only 4-5 days out of a week, since the body's ability to rid of heavy metals has a limited capacity. This has worked well in autistics that were caused by mercury vaccination poisoning, so I would know. It chelates because industries use them to remove heavy metals in chemical solutions. Whenever the sugar free pudding is taken certain artificial sweeteners raise the body's acidity allowing metallic taste also.