Any Supplement That Hepls Excrete Excess Copper

Posted by PD

Okay, so I guess I can use chlorella. Is there something to keep copper from building up if someone has copper overload? Or are you saying chlorella helps that? Any other supplement that helps excrete excess copper?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Zinc supplements displaces copper as it is antagonistic. Chlorella chelates most heavy metals by grabbing them, green tea also chelates certain iron and other metals, but it is done differently, and the effect is quite fast if you use this as a green tea mouthwash, but it does more effectively with iron usually. The key is not to use milk or add sugar in green tea, or else it won't work. Copper rich foods is found in cocoa, defective water filter and old faucets, chocolates, acidosis can raise the body's copper level, vitamin C sodium ascorbate can utilize them and help stabilize them somewhat. Frequently people with metallic tastes I found quite frequently to have acid urine and acid saliva, after taking artificial sweeteners and goes away when drinking plenty of water which often flushes out everything. Magnesium supplements lowers the level of toxicity of metals more so by protecting the body from it. If metallic tastes are allowed to run it course, without doing anything it leads to immune suppression, which can manifest itself with all kinds of disease once the immune barriers are down.