Heavy Metal Toxicity Causing Muscle Issues, Dizziness

Posted by M (Anon) on 01/31/2013

Dear Ted, Thank you for your time educating us on Earth Clinic to empower ourselves and take charge of our health. If it wasn't that you shared your knowledge, I would not have been able to made some progress with my own health. Especially my brain.

My health deteriorated over the past 6 years from brain fog to a state where I don't recognise myself anymore. I have battled with gastro intestinal problems and 3 years ago was diagnosed with chronic gastritis. I was put on chronic medication, Nexium 40mg which I used for 30 months. My liver started to give me problems and I stopped using it. With the help of a reflexologist I gained some ground in the healing of the liver. I still have some issues with liver/gallbladder not draining properly and support it with milk thistle.

Since Sept 2011 I started losing my balance. The condition worsened, and in February 2012 I was not able to walk without holding onto something. My muscles were as hard as a rock around my shoulders and the neck muscles was permanently in spasm. Not even the shiatsu massages helped to loosen them. The therapist couldn't believe that it didn't react to the massages.

The reflexologist said my brain does not get enough oxygen due to muscles that's why I loose my balance and cognitive functions. My brain stopped working. I resigned my work, due to stress and frustration levels also being high.

Although overall health did get better without stress, after few months the balance, brain, muscles and low energy levels are still an issue.

I read about the causes of fibromyalgia on Earthclinic and decided to test for heavy metals. I have been positively tested for heavy metals: Fluoride, arsenic, titanium dioxide (due to 30 months on Nexium prescribed for chronic gastritis), an aluminium-silver combination (sorry can't remember the correct name).

The remedies I use (Taken my weight (50kg) into account):

1. Carbicarb: 1/4 tspn sodium carbonate, 1/4 tspn sodium bicarbonate, 1/8 tspn potassium bicarbonate in 500ml water before bedtime.
2. I started with hydrogen peroxide using undiluted 35% FGHP up to 18 drops in glass water in mornings and every alternate day in midday as well. This I found was too strong (energy dropped to near zero and more muscle weakness), so I revert to your advice of capful of 3% FGHP in one litre water. I also mix 1/8 tspn sodium bicarb in.
3. Methylene Blue: 12 Drops in same litre water as mentioned in (2).
4. Borax: 1/8 tspn in one litre water to detox fluoride

So in one litre water I mix: 3% FGHP, Borax, Methylene Blue and Sodium bicarbonate.

5. B12 under tongue : 100%u03BCg 1 tablet, 4-6 times during the day as needed.
6. Folic Acid: 750 %u03BCg in the morning.
7. Cayenne Pepper: 1/4 tspn 2-3 times p.d. to assist blood flow. It also helps with muscles at the back of the neck not to contract. As soon as muscles contract I loose my balance.
8. Magnesium: I either take 2 Mg chloride 500mg in evenings with lots of warm water before I go to bed or 10 Magnesium Phosphate (Tissue salt nr 8) to assist with bowel movement.

With these remedies I am glad to report that the balance and cognitive functions are getting better every day. I actually feel I have a brain again! My energy levels are still very low and disabling, May be it's more a muscle weakness. I can't get up the stairs. My legs feel weak. The extreme overall weakness is a bit better, but I am getting discouraged with the muscle weakness.

Can you please advise the correct remedy to:
1. Get rid of heavy metals mentioned
2. Restore energy/ muscle weakness
3. Remedy for brain and balance.

I also have a constant tingling in my legs which sometimes also start to pain.The only thing that helps is taking calcium. I am taking parasite remedy which contains olive leaf extract (which I know reduces the calcium levels), clove, wormwood and ivy. If my energy is really low, like I don't have energy to walk, I use this and for some reason it helps and restore some energy. But I am concerned about the tingling and pain in my legs. I don't want to take too much calcium, as this isn't as good for the body if I understand you correctly.

Over the last year I have developed allergies and my body is covered with itchy rashes on skin. Suddenly I am allergic to chamomile tea if I drink two cups (helps with digestion), get extreme stomach pain from prawns and kelp and other things that was not a problem for me at all in the past.. I have tested if I am allergic to iodine on my arm, but there was no rash so I assume I am not allergic to Iodine.

I am still battling with liver/gallbladder drainage as mentioned below, but also some kidney pain and lack of bowel movement. Taking the carbicarb with potassium to sort out acidity did not help with bowel movement either.

I really trust that you can help me in getting dosages correct in treating the poison as well as getting intestines in good health again.

Warm regards

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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To get rid of heavy metals, try N acetyl Cysteine 500 mg x 2.

To restore energy/ muscle weakness you need B50 (b complex) x 3 times a day. This was missing in your remedy. Maybe an extra B1 supplement at 400 mg for numbness and B6 50 mg for stomach acid, taken before or during meals.

Brain and balance always has to do with your energy levels. I would try 200 iu of vitamin E and selenium 200 mcg x 3 and lack of B complex.

And bowel movement problems. Two major causes are lack of stomach acid, so Betaine HCl with meals and lysine to help healing of the stomach. Potassium is often deficient, so 50 to 100 mg of potassium citrate supplement daily.