Chlorella and Copper

Posted by PD on 05/20/2007

Hi, I need your help figuring out whats causing a metal sour taste in my mouth and on my tongue. It happened after I ate some sugar free pudding that consisted of vanilla and apples in a gel that had nutmeg and cinnamon in it. Its very strong. It has been a few days since and I still have a metallic taste in my mouth. I know its the pudding because it only happened immediately after eating it and it tasted a little metallic. Do you think I will be okay? Could this be a reaction to an ingredient or metal poisoning? What should I do other than what I have done. I have brushed, gargled with peroxide and listerine, brushed my tongue, I even drank and swished liquid chlorophyll. Please help me figure it out I will try anything. Thank you!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The metallic tastes if it is pudding usually they are high in copper and bromine. The bromine reduces the body's iodine. A bad batch of pudding or cocoa can even be high in cadmium. If the copper theory is a correct one, than a zinc supplements will displace the copper. If bromine theory is a correct one, then the iodine kelp should displace the bromine issue. Or 2-4 drops in 1/2 glass of water using iodine tincture as a mouthwash can also displace the bromine. In general, chlorella supplements taken taken for a couple of days, 5 days out of a week should reduce the heavy metal buildup thus reducing the metallic taste by chelation. You also did not mention using oil pulling to remove heavy metals, or even eat some chinese parsley which remove heavy metals too. Getting the body sufficiently alkaline can also reduce metallic taste as it acts as a weak soap allowing the body to rid of some metals easier. Sometimes the body cannot utilize the copper buildup in the body and taking 1000 mg of sodium ascorbate vitamin C or rose hits can increase their bioavailability reducing the metallic taste at the same time. Taking granulated powdered lecithin one tablespoon a day makes the metal more soluble in water, and helps remove free heavy metals also